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EcoQube Frame

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The World's First Vertical Microgreen Garden.
Grow your own food, effortlessly.

Handcrafted with: sustainable bamboo, food-safe acrylic, and eco-friendly seed pads.

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The Easiest Way to Grow Nutritious Veggies

The EcoQube Frame is a beautiful living decoration that grows the most nutritious micro-veggies fast, easily, and affordably. Simply add water and in less than 10 days, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious micro-veggies.

The EcoQube Frame provides the perfect growing conditions for each plant type and guarantees you a sizable harvest all year round. We carefully selected all-natural, 100% compostable fibers that give seeds just enough water to thrive but not too much that they get moldy. No mess, no mold, just beautiful plants.

What’s in the Box - U.S. Customers

EcoQube Frame

4 Seedless Patties

1 Broccoli Seed-Pack

Spray bottle

2 Plastic Covers

Measuring Spoon

What’s in the Box - International Customers

EcoQube Frame

4 Seedless Patties

Measuring spoon

Seed loader

2 Plastic Covers

Spray bottle

Benefits of EcoQube Frame

Faster growth

No soil borne pests

No maintenance

No lighting required

Clear water level

Automatic watering

Efficient water use

Takes up little space

Eat up to 20x healthier

What You Can Grow




EcoQube Frame (USA - pre-seeded): 029741885820
EcoQube Frame (USA - succulents): 029741885806
EcoQube Frame (International - blank seed pads): 029741885837