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The EcoQube C

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Meet the most popular aquarium on Kickstarter, ever.

Bring some nature into your favorite living spaces! *No green thumb required ;-)

Great for your home, bedroom, classrooms, or just to make your cubicle less... cubicle-y.

Comes with..
• EcoQube C Aquarium
• Customizable LED Color Lights
• Remote Control to Customize Lighting
• Integrated Aquaponics Filter

No filter changes needed, ever. That's low maintenance.

Meet the EcoQube C

Now here's the Problem with OLD, Traditional Aquariums...

They're a lot of maintenance & too much work to upkeep.

It's 2018. We can order food without ever leaving the couch and buy robot vacuums that clean our houses for us.. If we want.

We believe your tank should take care of itself too.

That's why we made EcoQube C.

Easy to use, low maintenance, period.

How Easy is it to Set-Up?

Too easy.

1. Add filtered water
2. Decorate Your Tank (Mountain Stones are our customers' #1 favorite)
3. Easily splice in a plant or add green onions to quickstart your plant growth!
4. After your plant has rooted you can add your fish!


How to Set-Up Your EcoQube

What's Maintenance Like?

Easy. Just add filtered water as it evaporates, and of course feed your fish friend!

Your tank will stay spotless as long as you have a plant growing -- this is needed for the aquaponics filter to do it's best job!

How does the plant clean your water?
Aquaponics. Along with an integrated charcoal filter, your plant consumes fish waste helping to remove nitrates and keep your fish tank clean.
This is the same way nature helps to keep our rivers & lakes clean!

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