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EcoQube C

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Your window to nature. The EcoQube C is your start to bringing a beautiful ecosystem into any space.


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Your Window to Nature

The heart of the EcoQube C is the aquaponics filter, which we've integrated into the tank to create an all-in-one system that uses plants like Basil or Mint to keep your aquarium clean.

The new beautifully integrated design is durable, portable, and compact. We've made it more affordable while maintaining the high quality product build. It's now even easier to maintain with less parts and automatic functionality, AND it's designed in San Diego.

*Set-up videos found here

What’s in the Box

EcoQube C

LED Remote

AC Adapter

Plant Medium

Get More with the EcoQube C Accessories Bundle ($139 Total)

Mountain stone

Aquarium safe sand

Glass cover

Add a LED Sterilizer with the EcoQube UV Bundle ($275 Total)

UV LED Sterilizer

Benefits of EcoQube C

No fertilizer required

No soil borne pests

Low maintenance

No lighting required

Plants filter water

Automatic watering

Uses less water

Takes up little space

No chemicals needed

What You Can Grow


Golden pothos / forms of ivy

and more!


EcoQube C Basic: 029741885684
EcoQube C Accessories: 029741885493
EcoQube C UV Bundle: 029741885400