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The World's First Desktop Greenhouse

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EcoQube Air
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Your Window To Nature. EcoQube Air is your start to bringing a beautiful ecosystem into any space.

Included in Box:
• EcoQube Air Hydroponics Greenhouse
• Integrated LED Smart Lighting
• 2x Carbon HEPA Air Filters
• Clay Pebble Growing Medium "Soil"
• Soil-Less Hydroponic Plant Mediums

What's in the box?

Clay Pebbles
Carbon HEPA Air Filter
Grow Tray
Power Supply
Hydroponics Desktop Greenhouse for Your Home or Office

3-Step Air Filiteration

1. Air enters through a HEPA-like mechanical filter that removes dust, pollen and mold.

2. The activated carbon filter removes harmful chemicals.

3. The plant filters and oxygenates the air before being circulated into your room.

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Improve Your Quality of Life

Adjust your circadian rhythem and fix your
sleeping patterns and productivity with
customizable light therapy

Breathe Better Air

The dual fan air filter circulates 450 cubic feet of purified air every hour.

No Green Thumb Required

The Air waters itself and is the perfect environment for your plant to grow in any season, without sunlight.

Mess Free Design

Shatter resistant and soil-less without the hassle of regular potted plants.

Customizable LED Lights

Controlled by remote or your phone