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Splice Air

EcoQube Air Splicing Instructions

  1. Make sure your sponge is wet
  2. Use sharp scissors to snip a stem from a grown plant. We suggest basil and mint for highest success rate and best fragrance.
  3. Insert the cutting into the slot in the center of the black plant medium foam that comes with your EcoQube Air.
  4. Ensure the foam is soaked thoroughly in the grow tray and your App setting for pump is left “ON” 24 hours to ensure rooting.
  5. Relax. Your plant should start rooting within 2-3 days. The cutting will start to wilt after 2-3 days if the roots do not catch. You can then try again with clean and sharp scissors for highest success rate.
  6. You can see our TOP 3 plant suggestions here 

This method should work with other plants, such as green onions. Let us know what you discover! Happy growing!

Here is another thing we suggest.

You can get one here: Mention the EcoQube AIR when ordering. The height accommodated by the EcoQube AIR is 10 inches.