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Nutritious Homegrown Microgreens

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We've reinvented how you grow and consume superfoods to help fill gaps in your diet. EcoQube's micro-green subscription makes it fast, easy, and mess-free.

Simply add your water, seeds, and sprout pad. Then harvest in one week.

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Grow Microgreens in Just 3 Steps

Works in low light • Only water once • Grows indoors, year-round

Fill Sprout With Water

Insert Sprout Pad & Seeds

Harvest In 7-10 Days

What Are Microgreens?

Micro-greens and micro-herbs are the seedling versions of leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs. They're a few days older than sprouts, and jam packed with flavor and nutrients!


Join in on the fun! Happy EcoQube growers from around the world.

How It Works

It's a subscription! You can skip or cancel anytime.

Start With The EcoQube Sprout

(Includes your first month of Sprout Pads)

Plant And Harvest Every Week

New Sprout Pads Delivered To Your Door Every Month

What You Can Grow

6 different types of microgreen seeds! Seeds are Non-GMO.

You can customize your flavors each month.

Hearty Broccoli

Energizing Kale

Calming Arugula

Hearty Broccoli

Energizing Kale

Calming Arugula

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