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Your Window To Nature

The desktop ecosystem for everyone, everywhere.


What's different about EcoQube?

The new Beautiful Integrated Design is Durable, Portable and Compact. We’ve made it More Affordable while maintaining the High Quality Product build. It’s now even Easier to Maintain with less parts and Automatic Functionality.

Elegant All-In One Design

  • Thin Full Spectrum Adjustable LEDs
  • Optimized for Plant Growth
  • Automatic Timing Functions
  • Silent Eco-Filtration System
  • Optional UV LED for Sterilization
  • Made Using Acrylic (Durable, Optically Clear, Light-Weight)
  • Low Voltage, Energy Efficient

Never Change Your Water Filter Again

The fish creates waste. The filter takes the waste and turns it to fertilizer for the plant. The plant grows and cleans the water for the fish. And the process starts all over again.

Simply decorate your tank, fill it with water, and plug it in. And Enjoy your very own sustainable ecosystem.

This is the Aquarium for Everyone, Everywhere. A modern aquarium for the modern world. The perfect ecosystem. Everything works, together.

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Meet The Team

Our names are Eric and Kevin. We are UC San Diego students and aquarium geeks who met in high school. We instantly became intrigued by planted aquatic ecosystems and the rest was history.

As we got older, we realized the bigger challenges humanity is facing today in food and water shortage, but for most of us, such issues are so foreign.

So we decided to use our knowledge of aquariums to introduce the concept of aquaponics and the beauty of a sustainable ecosystem to as many people as possible.

Please support our mission by sharing the EcoQube with as many people as you know!

Learn more about us! Our story and experiences in pictures here:HERE