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EcoQube Sprout Start Guide

Seeds For Your EcoQube Sprout

Your EcoQube Sprout grows microvegetables in as fast as 7-10 days. Microveggies (or microgreens) are known for having up to 40x more nutrients than mature vegetables, helping reduce risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other ailments.

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EcoQube Sprout Setup

Step 1) Add water to your EcoQube Sprout

Step 2) Pop in your Sprout Pad

Step 3) Add 1 scoop of seeds to each row in your Sprout Pad

Step 4) Make sure seeds are spread evenly. You can use your seed spoon to help distribute seeds across each row.

Step 5) Yay! You're done. Your seeds should be ready to harvest according to the number of days shown below. 

Microgreen Flavors


Grow Time: 6-8 Days


Grow Time 8-10 Days


Grow Time: 11-21 Days

Spicy Salad Mix

Grow Time: 11-21 Days


Grow Time: 8-12 Days

Basic Salad Mix

Grow Time 8-12 Days


Grow Time: 7 Days