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Getting Started With Your C+

The Ultimate Easy-Peasy Guide To Your EcoQube C+

Part 1) Setting Up Your C+

Part 2) Starting Your Ecosystem

Part 3) Adding Life To Your Ecosystem

Part 4) Maintaining Your Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a guarantee/warranty?

Do you have a return policy?

What is the size of the EcoQube C+?

Why is it not recommended to eat plants grown out of the C+?

1. The plant is used for filtration. If removed, the main filtering mechanism of the EcoQube C+ will be removed as well and cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.

2. Aquarium products are not made for food consumption. Many people may end up using aquarium fish food, dechlorinator and others recommended by local fish stores that can be toxic.

3. If we do not have this disclaimer, we may be liable for the consumption of plants grown out of the EcoQube C+.

Is the UV Sterilizer needed?

What plants are best for filtration?

What fish/livestock are recommended for the C+?

We'd highly recommend a Betta/Siamese fighting fish because they thrive in room temperature water. Other fish, such as guppies, endlers, white cloud mountain minnows, zebra danios, and goldfish can be kept in the EcoQube C+ as well, but they'd require specific water parameters.

We also recommend amano algae eating shrimp and algae eating nerite snails to keep the ecosystem pristine. You can see additional items we offer to EcoQube C+ owners at

Does the C+ need supplemental light like sunlight? 

For further assistance, contact us here.