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Get started with your EcoQube AIR

Unboxing Instructions

Setup Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

Splicing Instructions

  • Drain dirty water from the pump reservoir once a month (include video)
    • Unplug the EcoQube Air and take off the greenhouse.
    • Pull out the plug as indicated.
    • Attach the provided tube.
    • Ensure that the end of the tube is lower than the black base.
    • Pour some water slowly into the pump reservoir to start draining.
    • Wait until all the water has drained out.
    • Pull out the tube and replace the plug.
    • Pour in new fertilized water..


    • Do not shake your EcoQube AIR
    • Do not allow water on or near the edge connector or the electronics. Beware of water dripping from the greenhouse and the grow tray
    • Water damage is not covered in your warranty

Any questions? Check out our FAQ page here