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Three Health Benefits Why You Might Want to Stay Close To Nature

Posted by CK from ADI on

Dye (2008) and Tzoulas (2007) said it all--- promoting health for urbanized cities is actually one of the most challenging social issues of the 21st century.

And it really is.

Urban living and everyday living can take a toll on your physiological and mental health.

Urbanization and crowded cities are associated with the so-called ‘lifestyle’ diseases driven by unhealthy high-fat and carcinogenic diets, couch-potato lifestyles and increased levels of mental strain.



Additional stressors such as environmental pollutants, noise pollution and the disruption of your biological clock due to different factors.

Yep, the exposure to everyday stressors affects your eating habit, your sleep patterns and even the way you socialize. A big gulp of cold beer or some smokes can be easy de-stressors, but finding healthy ways to blow off some steam can be another struggle.

Want to keep yourself healthy while you're living in the urban jungle?



Here are 3 reasons why should stay close to nature

Nature Eliminates Chances of Depression and Anxiety

The urban lifestyle can be stressful. From the endless piles of traffic jams to crowded fast food chains, we are more exposed to situations that can be a little too much to handle.

If you're stressing out from daily office commutes, loud vehicle honks, your feisty workmates and your boss- you do need a break.

The sedentary lifestyle mostly observable in today's younger generation is adding up to a dwindling rate of mental health.

Keeping in touch with nature or getting hobbies related to maintaining environmental sustainability can greatly help to alleviate social and pathological issues. In fact, a study from Beyer and her group back in 2014 revealed that community ''greening'' is a brilliant strategy to improve the population's mental health.

Their study found out that higher levels of neighborhood surrounded with green space have lower levels of symptomology for mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression.

No time to travel out of town to go hiking or fishing? Go try the art of horticulture, bonsai or aquaponics.

Nature Helps You Prevent Diabetes and Obesity


Sitting on the couch and munching on a bag of chips while watching Netflix can be a good way to relax, but definitely not good for your health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found out that 9.4 percent of the U.S. population has diabetes while 78 million US adults are obese.

Studies from Lachowycz and Jones theoretically showed that greenspace can reduce high cholesterol and symptoms of diabetes, even obesity.

Want to keep yourself healthy?

Go jog on green parks or grow your own leafy greens from your home garden. This way, you can regulate the amount of glucose that gets into your bloodstream. Your body burns this sugar and excess fat, converting carbs and glucose to energy.

Work out near nature or try participating on runs-for-a-cause that promote environmental awareness.

Or, why not keep nature close to your own home?

Adopting indoor gardening through aquaponics or hydroponics can be a real deal if you’re looking for the best health benefits out of minimal consumption.


Nature Keeps You Away From Heart Diseases


Yup, we usually go home tired from an 8-hour workshift without any time left to prepare sumptuous and healthy meals.

We go line-up on a busy fast food queue ordering greasy burgers and slurping on big cups of soft drinks.

The city life keeps you on from high-cholesterol, high-carbohydrate diet. Stress-eating makes it even harder for you to get back in shape and keep your lifestyle active. This leads to cholesterol build-ups on your arteries that can lead to terminal heart diseases.

This is where nature can play a huge part in community intervention. While there are no concrete studies that proclaim the direct ability of nature to cure heart diseases, growing numbers of people are motivated to engage in activities that promote good heart health. Jogging in greenspaces, volunteering on community clean-ups, participating in race-for-a-cause events and even exploring the wonders of home-grown crops are great ways to keep an active lifestyle.These all improve blood circulation and adds up to your list of recreational getaways.

What are you waiting for?

Reserve one of your vacay leaves to take a trip to the countryside or go hiking. Set a date on your personal planner and start building your own greenhouse. Grow more veggies and take Insta-worthy pictures of them.

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