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You Probably Shouldn't Keep A Pet Unless You Are Capable Of Pulling This Off!

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You see a Pomeranian, Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky on the streets, playing games with lucky humans that have the privilege to keep them as partners. Here you are attempting to convince your parents to be able to have that pet you wanted so much such that your intentions would be accepted by your parents. It is no surprise to hear parents reject the idea of pets due to fear of children getting allergies or pets messing up the house, or even the lack of time to take care of the pets long term as it is a rash liking to the idea of having a pet! Hesitation sets in further when increasing funds, time and care are needed to upkeep them. Well, there has to be a pet that is simple to maintain, affordable and lovable. It is neither a dog nor a cat, neither a terrapin nor a tank of fishes. Well, what could it be?

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It is a pet plant! This idea might seem ridiculous or even outrageous but hear me out. A pet plant could actually provide several benefits one never thought possible. It is clearly low maintenance, able to provide a listening ear that is occasionally needed having being stressed out and also perfectly able to be left home alone if you need to be away from home. Furthermore, with humans constantly using electronic gadgets in everyday life, turning their vision away from these digital screens towards something green could serve better for the eyes.

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A true test to gauge whether you are responsible enough to keep a pet is to actually test it out on the plant first. Being able to groom a plant successfully is by far no easy feat. If you manage to do so, well, you might just be able to achieve success in many other things you have to accomplish in life! Ask yourself, how bad do you feel when plants die as compared to when your fellow buddy animals die? :( I mean, just think about it but don't feel bad; you'll feel better once you check this out by Buzzfeed:

With so many modern and advanced methods to grow plants successfully nowadays, it's going to be hilarious to your friends if you manage to screw up on raising a pet plant! The soil is no longer the only method of growing plants and I know you are keeping a distance from raising a pet plant due to the technicalities involved and we agree; raising a pet plant in soil is by far no easy feat!  So, why not try the different plant raising methods such as hydroponics and aquaponics? Never heard of them before? You could actually find out more and start your journey towards ownership of a pet! :)


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