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You Can Never See Light The Same Way Again!

Posted by Team ADI on

Light is the sine qua non for human activities in the past and without a doubt, light is one of the most important things in the world. Without light, humanity is crippled. White light is the most common form of light we use to conduct our daily activities and within this white light, there consists a spectrum of colours, to which just recently, have been discovered to have psychological effects on our minds as we get exposed to these different coloured lights. 


1) Red

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Have you ever wondered why along the largest red light district in the world in Amsterdam? Research shows that red lights are used to indicate that a prostitute is available to attend to your needs! Psychologically, red light is a strong stimulus to the brain which exudes strength, dominance, physical courage, energy and excitement! It can be to the extent of aggression that is why such a light is used to psychologically attract customers to visit these prostitutes for their service. 

Red is a very powerful colour that grabs your attention and increases your pulse rate, giving you energy and jumpstarting you right in the morning when you are exposed to red light and perk you up when you look at it at night!


2) Blue

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Is it really the therapeutic sound of waves crashing on the shores that entice you to the beach? Truthfully, it is the colour of the sea that makes everything serene and tranquil, cultivating a sense of peace. This is why many people who are stress or have anxiety flock to the beach, and artists sit by lakes for inspiration to paint their art. Blue exudes a feeling of calm and is a colour that encourages self-reflection. So next time you're at the beach, open your eyes and behold the sea; it will sooth your mind and stimulate clear thought, recharging you for the subsequent tasks you have to accomplish. 


3) Yellow

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We are all into the craze of sending tons of emojis to our texting buddies and even our parents. Have you ever wondered why emojis are in Yellow? Yellow is the epitome for emotions. When we see yellow, it brightens up the mood and the stimulus makes our mind more relaxed and jovial. Many offices in the world have a fresh coat of yellow paint on their walls because this expressive colour promotes optimism, confidence, friendliness, creativity and most importantly, emotional strength! 

Want to become always jovial? Expose yourself to more of Yellow coloured things! Or here's a suggestion: Paint your bedroom's walls yellow. You'll smile in your sleep!


4) Green

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Soothings to the eyes, a remedy to the mind. Green strikes the eye as a natural therapy for the refreshment of your tired body and mind. Countries and people make sure to include green spaces in their surroundings for health and positive benefits. Green spaces are a harmony to the hustle and bustle of the ever growing urban cities and will strike a balance between stress and rest. Green has a restoration effect psychologically on the human mind and will keep us at peace.

Therefore, families make it a point to own a piece of nature wherever they are. Lush gardens are nurtured on lawns of big houses while potted plants take up precious space along walkways of apartments. Isn't this sufficient proof of how people treasure green for it's benefits that promote balance in our lives? Go green today!  

Want to your own piece of compact nature?



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