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Why Fishes Are The Best Pets To Keep!

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Cats, dogs, rabbits Surely we want a cuddle-sized pet that we can constantly interact with and have fun with. However, in exchange for this new buddy, we spend a considerate amount of effort trying to maintain and keep this "friendship". Over time, we might neglect our pet friends as we will have other commitments to see to; and this is why Fishes are going to be your best buddy from now onwards!

1) Low Commitment

Just as you need to have you meals, fishes need to have theirs too. And....that's about it. They aren't dependent creatures and can entertain themselves in their magical aquatic kingdom. We don't have to walk fishes, clean up after fishes or get surprised by any oh-no-thanks kind of gift when we come back from a long day of work!

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2) Clean

If you have reared a dog before or cat, think about it for a bit; you might have vacuumed or cleaned the floor more than when you did not rear them...right? Fishes are clean, very clean; they don't require brushing or trimming of their hair or brushing their teeth day to day as well! You probably won't have to clean the house as much, just maybe maintaining the tank once in a blue moon unless you have set up a natural ecosystem that cleans itself.

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3) Affordable

Besides being the considerate pets fishes are, they are also less demanding of your wallets. Fishes are easier and less expensive to feed and care for than other pets, the only expenditure you are going to incur is how you want to aquascape your aquarium for the fishes to live in, as well as for your own viewing pleasure (this is the more probable reason you spend).

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4) Gorgeous

There are countless varieties and species of fish; they come in an infinite variety of sizes and stunning, vibrant colours. This is why countless fish competitions are held to see which fish is the most beautiful of them all! As compared to your pedigree or felines, oh boy they do pale in comparison to the beauty a fish exudes! Also, they're definitely a pleasure to view, especially when you own them! Furthermore, small fish tanks keeping these gorgeous fishes definitely beautify your surroundings, making you feel good naturally!

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5) Good Teacher

It is undeniable that children love pets; vice versa. However, what they do not understand is the responsibility of taking care of the pets. Fishes are the best teachers a child can have in teaching the idea of Responsibility. Parents can see a child's character through their attention to taking care of living creatures as well! Start teaching your children about duties and responsibility by starting small; by owning a fish in a small, compact aquarium!

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