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Who Needs Pokemon Go When You Got a Kokedama?

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We know that many of you have ordered Kokedama plants to go with your EcoQube Air. Kokedama plants are houseplants that not only fit well with the ambiance of your home but act to filter the air your breathe. Houseplants help to remove carcinogens like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. We've received requests from you asking about the maintenance and care of these plants, so we have done further research to provide just that for you.

We have been working with Kanako from KodamaForest on Etsy, which you can check out here. She has extensive experience in growing and caring for Kokedama style plants, Kokedama is a Japanese method of growing a plant without using any kind of pot. Grown out of moss balls, these Kokedama plants resemble the cutest Pokemons! To learn about Kokedama check out our blog post.

The two varieties that you have ordered are the Schleffera, which you can read about here, and the Parlor Palm.

As you may have noticed, Kanako has provided instructions for care, which we will further elaborate on.

From Kanako:

When your Kokedama plant arrives in the mail, check your plant and provide care for it to adjust to your environment. It has been watered enough to keep moist before it was shipped, but through the shipping process, it may be subject to harsher environmental conditions. Water the moss ball lightly if the plant looks like it needs hydration.

When you dip the moss ball in the water, it may produce a green color which is normal to the plant. In about 4-6 months the moss may turn into a brownish color. If you like the look of a green moss ball, simply mix green food coloring with water and spray it on the moss ball.

To use your Kokedama plant with the Air app, simply:

Set the pump setting to "Low" (for kokedama) so that the kokedama is watered for 10 minutes only once per day.

If you have a schleffera plant:

Image Source:

Watering-The schleffera tolerates dry conditions and requires minimal to moderate moisture to survive. Simply water it through the app kokedama pump setting. Then, once every other day, put mist on the leaves if you see that it is dried up.

Climate (lighting): medium light, indirect light

If you have a parlor palm:


Watering-The parlor palm will also do well an incubated greenhouse like the Air, but it does require more moisture than the schleferra. Again, use the Kokedama pump setting on the app, but spray mist on the leaves every day. Within a week of adding your Kokedama to the Air, you should be able to tell if it needs more moisture, as it will start to brown.

Climate(lighting)- medium to bright light, similar to the schleffera

General tips for both Kokedama plants:

Trimming- Research the plant and how it grows, to determine if trimming is something you should do. We suggest that if the Kokedama plants reach a point in which it is getting too large for the Air, to take it out and allow it space to grow taller. However, if the plant gets taller and reaches to the wall of the EcoQube, you can lightly trim the taller leaves, cut the tips of the leaves, or carefully trim the roots and it may grow back slowly. As the owner of this plant, please check up on the health of the plant to see what steps will be best.

Do not overwater the plant: Refrain from over watering the plant as the roots may be flooded and start to rot, causing the plant to lose strength. If you notice yellowing in the leaves, that may be a sign of overwatering.

How long does the Kokedama usually last?

With proper care, the plant may last up to two years. When you see the roots coming out of the Kokedama excessively, this is when you can transfer it to a bigger pot for a better aesthetic look.

We wish you all the best with your Kokedama and hope that it will be happy and healthy under your loving care!

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