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We Asked EcoQube Owners What They Loved About Their EcoQube - Here's What They Said

Posted by Kevin Liang on

The world is facing water shortages, food-insecurity, and urbanization without having sustainable systems in place to support our rapidly increasing population. 

EcoQube was created to address these issues in the form of beautiful, compact sustainable living decor to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable hydroponic technology. 

How does hydroponic technology lead to greater sustainability? 

Currently, over 80% of water used in California goes to agriculture. 

And hydroponic technology allows farmers to use up to 90% less water than conventional farming infrastructure meaning massive water savings. 

Additionally, hydroponic technology can be designed to lead to faster vegetable growth by delivering the perfect amount of lighting, nutrients, and water tailored to each vegetable's needs. 

This means more food, more quickly, with less total water used. 

Having sold more than 22,000 units to over 24 countries, we were curious how EcoQubes were being used throughout the world, and benefiting the community. 

And so we asked members of our Facebook EcoQube community

We received many, many inspirational responses, and want to share some of them here with you. 

Chemistry, Biology, Art, Engineering, EcoQube

This response was shared by Jim G. 

"EcoQube is a personal small quantum of nature with a community that shares your interest and desire to make life better.

We got our first EcoQube C as a vehicle to teach STEM/STEAM and the love of nature to Scouts. The elegant engineering and ecosystem is perfect for this mission and offers a window into nature for youth.

Qube One has a mint plant with driftwood as a support, a blue betta named "Justinian" after the “blue” emporer, two nerite snails names Klink and Shultz, and three amono shrimp Hogan, Kinchloe, and LeBeau. The Scouts added three plants, Anubias Nana Marble upfront, Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis Parvula) in back, and Java Moss on the driftwood.

The process of research and planning the ecosystem details makes the EcoQube a great focus for youth teamwork. This EcoQube system and its engineering presents unlimited STEM/STEAM teaching.

Chemistry – Cycling the new tank to establish beneficial bacteria and foliage teaches the nitrogen cycle and how a local environment deals with waste. Choosing the number of and type of species teaches the concept of “load” on an ecosystem.

Biology – The roles of plants, hydroponics, bacteria, and aquatic life teach the intricate relationships in ecology.

Art – Aquascaping introduces artistic concepts with new media, sand, gravel, plants, …. and more.

Engineering - The smallest details in design reflect art and physics. Example, the pump outlet that resembles a “Lilly Pipe” is a example of physics, art, engineering, and meets a biologic need.

Toxicology – Why is charcoal in “the filter” and not just crushed rock? What does it sequester and support. Why not change it? One learns by answering questions.

We started with one EcoCube C which went to Scout Camp this summer and is being hosted during the winter by a Scout at college. We have two EcoQube C+'s on order to continue the learning this spring. During the winter youth are also testing plants from the NASA list to pick the best hydroponic filter. Local forest plants and moss are also being collected to find life for one local ecosystem tank.

Each decision and process in the EcoQube is a learning experience. Both adults and youth learn from nature, and along the way there is always the EcoQube Community for ideas and support.

Thanks for a unique experience !"

Tiny Home Ready

This response was shared by Rochelle M.K.

"Our EcoQube C Aquarium has been an interesting feature in our home!

We love the idea of using the aquaponics system which mimics the natural environment! We are planning on buying our first tiny home and the idea behind this tank inspired us to become more environmental friendly.

Only using what we need with the resources we already have, but not impacting the environment.

We hope to help the environment by living minimal, reducing the impact of ecological footprint. +Plus, we LOVE growing our own herbs!"

From Educational Opportunity To Amateur Aquarist

This response was shared by Chris A. 

"Our daughter has always wanted a fish. We already have 2 dogs and a cat she is responsible for feeding, to learn responsibility.

I knew at age 8, having another pet that depends fully on her responsibility and dedication to survive would be a huge amount to expect from her.

She loves plants and animals, so, I looked into getting her a plant for her room instead.

Then I found the EcoQube. Almost maintenance free, fish and plants combined = no brainer.

I purchased it for her birthday. She's been so excited, everyday for the past 5 months, to check on her own little ecosystem!

As parents, my wife and I both love to see her interacting with such things and the learning experience she gets.

She's been breeding snails in the EcoQube as well as taking very good care of her Betta fish.

She gives away snails to other kids on the community that have aquariums and any adult that will take the time to listen to her teach them about the snails first.

This present turned into so much more than just another kid with a fish. She's learning about so many things.

She's now interested in the environment as well as animals.

She's learning the cycles of life by watching her EcoQube each day.

This has been the best gift we could have found for her. Thank you EcoQube!"

Less Screen-Time, More Tank-Time

This response was shared by Amber A. 

"Our EcoQube became an instant hit last year.

Our young children (ages 6,4 and almost 2) really wanted a pet.

We had to think of something that was SUPER low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and COOL.

We settled on the EcoQube C because it met all of our requirements. The kids are excited about feeding Fin, our betta, and watching the snails (Spot and Apple) and shrimp (Alvin and Simon - Theodore didn't make it).

The kids spend HOURS sitting in front of our tank and make up funny short stories about the lives of its inhabitants.

One of the best parts about our EcoQube C is that we can use the light in the tank as a nightlight in the evenings without burning a lot of electricity.

The EcoQube Community is perfect because when I had questions about my UV light and what plants to use, there were plenty of community members willing to share their knowledge.

I love coming by to see pictures of other people's tanks.

I would LOVE to be able to take a tank to work and share the awesomeness that is the EcoQube with my coworkers. Thank you for this giveaway, EcoQube"

#1 Conversation Starter & Natural Air Freshener 

This response was shared by Walker S. 

"I originally backed the kickstarter when the first ecoqube air was coming out.

I took the time to read and research and then placed it at my desk at the hospital. I've had basil growing in it for over 2 straight years and it's a constant conversation starter when employees or colleagues are in my office.

I love the self contained status and the fact I get to take home basil every week or two is awesome.

My colleagues even comment that they know when I'm harvesting because it fills the office with the scent of garden fresh basil.

I love the product and continue to explore new opportunities to make it better!"

"She's Constantly Pointing To It Saying Fish, Fish, Fish!"

This response was shared by Eric C.

"I first got the EcoQube because design wise it's absolutely beautiful.

Most small tanks are plasticy and cheap looking. The EcoCube is stunning and adds to any room.

I love having a little piece of the outdoors inside. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Since I first got the EcoCube we had our first child. My now 20 month old absolutely loves watching the fish and looking at the tank.

She's constantly pointing to it and saying "fish, fish, fish!".

I really look forward to using it as a teaching tool as she gets older. I can teach her about ecosystems and the delecate balance and beauty that exists in nature."

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