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Top 5 Ways to Eat Micro-Veggies with your EcoQube Frame

Posted by Team ADI on

What are micro-veggies??

Micro-veggies, also known as microgreens, is not any different from the leafy greens you eat in your salad. You can find them at most grocery stores like Whole Foods but they can be super pricey to buy! If you're lucky you snagged an EcoQube Frame while they're still priced below retail pricing on Kickstarter.

Vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage all start as seeds. When you plant these seeds and they sprout -- those sprouts are your micro-veggies.


Why should I eat tiny sprout vegetables?

Micro-veggies may be tiny, but they pack a MACRO punch when it comes to nutrient density.


Now let's talk food, here are 5 different & easy ways to eat these superfood sprouts!


1. Tacos with Micro-Veggies

New to micro-veggies and not sure how to eat them? Throw those bad boys in some tacos, who doesn't love tacos. This recipe is vegetarian but can easily be modified to satisfy your carnivorous cravings or adjusted for your dietary needs. (image/recipe via: Wild Greens & Sardines)


2. Avocado Toast with Kale Micro-veggies

This one's for all you avocado lovers out there. If you haven't tried avocado toast, let me just say it's definitely a game changer when it comes to brunch. Adding some micro veggies gives this already healthy breakfast some extra vitamins to start your morning off like a champ. (image/recipe via the feedfeed)


3. Micro-veggies 5 Ingredient Energy Salad

Step up your energy game with this SUPER fast microgreens salad! You only need 5 ingredients to get started. (click to go to recipe)


4. Healthy Green Smoothie

Not a fan of eating your vegetables? Hate salad? Not a problem. Blend your microgreens into a tasty smoothie, we recommend adding some pineapple for a delicious tropical twist!  (image/recipe via  hpf microgreens)


5. Pizza with Pistachios, Bacon, and Micro-veggies

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself. This offers a delicious alternative to pizza hut, make your guilty pleasure a little less guilty with some healthy micro-veggies! (image/recipe via what we love most)


We'd love to hear how you eat your micro-veggies!

Send in ideas or shoot us an email if you'd like to write a guest post to get your tasty eats up on our blog!


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