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Three Eco-Friendly Getaways To Celebrate Father's Day With

Posted by Team ADI on

From building your own DIY treehouse to waiting on for hours yanking on your fishing rod while you're out fishing-- we all have that one day we celebrate with our dads.

Father's Day is one of the most unsung holidays every year.

Honoring our pops and pampering them may not always be as splendid just like we do with our moms. But, if you're looking for adventure, try splashing some eco-friendly ideas to it.

Here are three nature-friendly ways to enjoy your dad's company. Now, you can make it the most memorable father's day.


Build A Little Greenhouse Or Pump Up Your Own Home Garden

Whether you are a busy millennial running your day-to-day tasks, a teenager prepping up for university or someone who's young at heart, this works wonders!

Easy-to-build greenhouses can be a fun thing to do if you're not in for eating out. 

There are many youtube DIY tutorials to guide you through your greenhouse's layout, framing, and proofing. Enjoy gardening or invite your pops to horticulture workshops. After all, it's all about the fun of being together!

Create garden ornaments from recycled materials such as wheel rubber, plastic bottles, and used cans to convert into pots. Bring out your old mason jars and hang em up with your lightbulbs for a pretty porch lighting.
You can also try hanging your plants up or cultivate eedlings on egg trays.


Wanna know how to build a greenhouse for under $20? Yes, it's possible!

Volunteer For Community Services

Cleaning can be painstaking if you're doing it in your own crib. All that mess your vacuum will sip off of your carpets and tapestries can be crazy!

But have you ever tried volunteering for community cleanups with your pops?

Clean-up drives, reforestation, wildlife missions and community restoration can be fulfilling activities for volunteer work. With this, you'll be able to help the ecosystem.

90% of accumulated ocean trash is composed of plastic.
Participating on coastal clean-ups can greatly benefit the society and save the ecology.

But, why volunteer?

Volunteer work gives people the sense of fulfillment- Volunteers admitted to feeling happier after participating in community services. These people feel a sense of accomplishment in achieving their philanthropic goals.

Volunteer work cures depression and loneliness- The Campaign to End Loneliness reported that an alarming 45% of people living in the UK and the US feel extreme isolation. Volunteer work promotes camaraderie and builds friendships.
These activities aid in relieving sadness and anxiety. If your pops are feeling a little homesick after you've moved out, volunteer work is the perfect idea to get together!

Volunteer work improves both physiological and cognitive health- Studies from the Journal of Gerontology showed a wonderful benefit of community work--improving the elasticity of the brain. This prevents cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease most common to the elderly.

United Health Group's survey revealed that 80% of volunteers around the age 50-70's feel healthier.

Here's a toast to aging gracefully!


Craft DIY Projects Out of Recyclables

Thinking of becoming your own interior designer?

Well, get the power tools ready!

From creating benches, couches, and cabinets- DIY-ing can be a great hobby and Father's day activity. Known for its cost-effective benefits and aesthetic appeal, it's simply a great recreational getaway.
You can use your old gallons, paint buckets, litter boxes, unused hardwood -- almost everything you can repurpose!

Want to add the perfect indoor display for your new DIY nightstand or your newly-built table to suit your living room?

Check this cool ''ecosystem in a box'' out.

This cube is a clever indoor display featured on Amazon's Father's Day Special. Its one-of-a-kind characteristic is to bring an ecosystem to your own home.

Made with a clear glass cube and LED lighting imitating sunlight- this lets your favorite plant grow on the water with your pet fish.

Fusing the art of aquaponics with modern engineering, it's quite a great gift!

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