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Compact Cube Furniture in World's Smallest Apartment

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We're losing land at an unimaginable pace due to tremendous industrial growth. This problem gives rise to a pertinent problem the next generations will have to face: The Rising Cost of Housing, Worldwide. Populated cities such as San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong have housing costs of up to a million for just a shoebox apartment. These are just some of the many cities that are developing rapidly and soon, cost of housing will be a threat for basic survival. However, humans respond to crisis efficiently and effectively; architects around the world are coming up with genius solutions to tackle these issues and here are some ways how architecture are changing the entire housing landscape.

Multi-Functional Furniture

A 100 sq ft. home, with the help of genius inventions and engineering, can bring about a revolutionary change to the way we live and help us afford housing. These shoebox apartment concepts are becoming popular among the citizens living in small cities. However, they must put in deep thought into understanding the furniture that they place in their small apartments to benefit their living conditions and not waste precious space.

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A shoebox apartment might be your ideal type of living space in the future! Within a 100 sq ft. space, you'll be able to find a bedroom, kitchen, small workout corner, work desk, living room and so much more! All these meticulous planning is no easy feat by any means and costs a ton, but these investments into such uniquely crafted furniture are economically cheaper than paying a ton more for more space as well! You weigh your priorities to make your humble abode a success!

The Best Things Come in Cubes

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These multi-functional pieces of furniture are the first steps (inventions) towards our future living and you realize they come in compact sizes and in cubes!  This is because cubes are the most efficient shape and can be expanded into many different forms when engineered properly!

We must constantly find ways to innovate and improve our existing conditions to prepare for the crowded consequences of the future. Have you started planning for your future? What would be your first step towards living in a smaller space as compared to the large properties in the past? We suggest thinking in terms of cubes, specifically cube modeled aquariums that display healthy green plants to brighten up the environment. Visit


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