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The Ultimate Easy-Peasy Guide To Your EcoQube C+

Posted by Kevin Liang on

If you've just ordered your EcoQube C+ and want to know what you need to do when it arrives, this page is for you!

We made the EcoQube C+ to be absolutely hassle-free and easy to set-up and maintain. And to help you make your EcoQube experience exactly that, here's a couple of tips and tricks:

Before your EcoQube C+ arrives

  • Pick a spot in your house or office (or anywhere, really) to put your EcoQube. This spot should not get direct sunlight, as it will encourage algae growth, and should be visible for your own viewing pleasure
  • We recommend using Golden Pothos clippings because of how easy they are to maintain and grow. If you'd like you to have another plant such as basil or mint, you can prepare a clipping of it.
  • If your EcoQube C+ package does not come with aquarium decor, or if you did not get any aquarium decor, you can purchase them with us on Amazon or off our site. Check out our community's set-ups for inspiration! Here are also some great aquatic plants for your EcoQube C
  • DO NOT GET A FISH. That is for later, when the root system of your plant is fully grown and capable of being part of an aquaponics filtration system

When your EcoQube C+ arrives

  • Unpack it and make sure everything you have ordered is in the box. The default package includes the EcoQube C+ itself, a remote control, and a plant medium. If anything is missing, do drop us an email.
  • Your brown plant mediums are placed in a net pot under your light. It looks like brown soil/foam, and it is the best medium to grow your plant in an aquaponics system.
  • Set up your EcoQube C+ according to the instructions provided.
  • Once you've set it up and placed your seeds or a cutting of your desired plant, all that's left is to wait!

Once your plant is an inch tall

  • This is when you get your fish! We highly recommend a single Betta fish, though Neon Tetras also do very well in the EcoQube C. As your plant grows and requires more nutrients, you can also consider adding snails and shrimp
  • Read this post to learn how your fish and plant work in perfect harmony to maintain a healthy ecosystem in your EcoQube C+!
  • Don't be afraid to trim your plant when it gets too big! Just take a pair of clippers (or really, really sharp scissors) and clip off any leaves that are extending too far out

And that's it, folks! It looks like a lot when it's listed like this, but we promise you that that's the most you have to do for your EcoQube C+ in its life. From here on, all you've got to do is remember to feed your fish. No water changes. No filter changes. Everything in your EcoQube C+ works together so you don't have to.

If you run into any problems at any time, don't be afraid to contact our customer service team!

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  • Joshua on

    Receive this through Kickstarter. It’s a piece of crap. How do I get a refund for the faulty piece of crap you sent me? None of the acrylic parts fit together, the whole thing is flimsy and after less than a week the unprotected LED circuit board has fallen out of the light fitting. If I hadn’t had the lid on the tank, the live circuit would have fallen in the water, killed my fish and shorted my houses wiring. This is not only poorly made, it is a deeply dangerous product. I would appreciate you letting me know how I go about returning this and getting my money back.

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