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The Next Generation of EcoQube C's

Posted by Team ADI on

The Next Generation of EcoQube C's

Perfection is not a destination but a goal to work towards, and we here at ADI are still striving for perfection in all of our projects. What this means for the EcoQube C is that we're still perfecting it, making adjustments and improvements to better complete the desktop ecosystem experience. In our recent trip to China, we took all the feedback and suggestions that you, the backers and customers, gave to us and discussed them with our manufacturing partners and we came up with three, small but critical improvements.

Number One: All future EcoQube C's made will include the remote controlled LED lights.

Whether it was about the convenience of and reliability of controlling the EcoQube from afar or about the expanded lighting options just not possible on an inline controller, we received a LOT encouraging feedback about our remote controlled lights. We think the full EcoQube experience is only possible through the remote controlled lighting and that is the experience we want to share with the world.

Secondly, we've enlarged the wire slot in the back of the EcoQube's aquaponic filter, as you can see in the picture below (red representing the original wire slot and yellow the newly enlarged slot.)

It may not look like much, but the extra space in this opening will allow for more electronic components to be placed in the back (like a heater and a UV sterilizer) while allowing the lid to rest flush with the rest of the filter.

The last improvement to the EcoQube C's design that we made was to glue together the top portion of the tank acrylic to the filter acrylic, like so.

We lowered the height of the filter acrylic by a fraction of an inch, extended the tank top acrylic by another fraction and glued the two together to create a tight seal. Making this minor adjustment not only makes the tank look cleaner but will also completely prevent even minor bowing in the top acrylic lip.

As our small company continues to grow we also continue to learn which, in turn, inspires us to innovate. We couldn't be prouder of the EcoQube C and that is exactly why we wanted to keep designing and improving it, even after its initial launch. With this new generation of EcoQube C's we will NOT be increasing the price but we will, however, be offering the remaining first-generation EcoQube Cs (EcoQube Cs without the above-mentioned features) at a discounted rate from our website. Hopefully, this will be one of many generations of EcoQube to come as we continue to grow, learn, and improve.

-Kevin Land, Team ADI

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