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Something's Fishy! And That's A Good Thing!

Posted by Pepper Sloan on

It's no secret to anyone who’s ever owned a pet that animals make us feel better. From a cat cuddling on a cold night to the support of a canine service animal, there’s little doubt our furry companions enrich our lives. The psychological benefits of having pets are abundant, and the studies to back it up are many.

Animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds have been proven time and time again to enhance our daily life. Fish probably aren’t the first animal to come to mind when shopping for a life-enriching companion. But, perhaps they should be.

It’s not by chance that the waiting rooms of many businesses, such as doctors and dentists, incorporate aquariums into their decor. It’s been proven that adding natural beauty to a potentially stressful environment promotes a sense of calm, thereby reducing anxiety.

People of all ages attest to finding enjoyment in watching brightly colored tropical fish flutter their fins under the water. An aquarium is virtually its own little planet within our world, and its effect on us can be very beneficial to our mental health.

In 2015, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter in the UK conducted studies on the subject and found that people regularly exposed to living aquariums showed lower blood pressure and healthier heart rates. Not only were their internal organs operating more positively, but the studies also showed longer attention spans and a noticeable improvement in mood.

For many people struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mobility issues, or social anxiety, leaving the sanctuary of home can be a daunting task.

Mental health professionals have found aquariums significantly reduce depression and substance abuse issues in those patients who spend a great deal of time at home.

Home aquarium owners attest to the undeniable sense of peace they recieve from the addition of an aquarium. Additional research suggests benefits as profound as relief from chronic pain and even a reduction in the hyperactivity of children.

Although it is not entirely understood why these benefits exist, there is little argument that they do.

Some researchers speculate the calming effect stems from the engagement of another living creature moving effortlessly through their environment. Another theory suggests that the calming effect is a result of a type of sound therapy.

The sound of the flowing water from the aquarium's filter creates a zen-like fountain effect. Not just a conversation piece anymore, fish tanks are living decor that promotes emotional well-being. Folks working in enclosed spaces for long periods aren’t left out from the success stories, either.

Portable aquariums have become very popular with desk-bound employees as the proven anti-stress benefits are plentiful. Many employers now encourage employees to invest in a small desktop aquarium while some larger companies are providing them, placing greater importance on mental health.

Living plants combined with the calming movement of fish, foster a positive work environment by slowing the heart rate and reducing the adverse reactions caused by stress.

Finding a compact, lush ecosystem of your own isn’t as hard as you may think. Systems such as the EcoQube C are an affordable option that includes everything you need to start on your aquatic journey. In comparison to certain dog breeds and many exotic pets, fish are relatively inexpensive.

They also don’t require walking and aren’t exactly big attention seekers. The most common complaint of aquarium owners used to be the dreaded cleaning of the tank.

Old school tanks can negate many of the positive attributes to owning fish with stressful yet, necessary cleanup of the tank.

In systems like the EcoCube C, plants filter water in the same way they do in our natural environment. So the awful cleaning of the tank isn’t a task you’ll be bothered with. Just as streams and rivers do, this mini world takes care of itself.

With so many benefits to having finned friends near us, it's a no wonder why desktop aquariums have exploded into the workplace. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year in the United States on mental health care issues.

Perhaps a more simplified solution, such as a desktop aquarium may help us all find a little peace within our busy lives. An elegant, yet straightforward aquatic addition to your world may be just what the doctor ordered.

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