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Restaurant that Prepares and Grows your Meal

Posted by Kevin Land on

Aeroponics is fast becoming the most popular method of growing food. And by allowing people to grow healthier plants faster in less space and with less water, it’s not hard to see why. We’re already seeing the practice being adopted on the large scale with the Aerofarm supplying New York and New Jersey with fresh, nutritious and cheap vegetables, so it should come as no surprise that we are beginning to see the practice in our own neighborhoods, and maybe even in our favorite restaurants.

Tender Greens is a California restaurant chain that specializes in quick, healthy and sustainable food and their Hollywood location is taking that philosophy to the next level. Surrounding their outdoor dining patio is their very own aeroponic towers in which they grow and harvest a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits. This makes Tender Greens, Hollywood one of the only places outside of a private farm where you can see your food be harvested, prepared, and served right in front of you. Aeroponic gardening means that the entirely organic food is more nutritious and likely more flavorful than its factory farmed counterpart.

In Tender Green’s own blog post about the aeroponic garden, they stress that they were inspired to build it in response to California’s on-going drought. By growing their own food with 95% less water than in-soil farming, they become part of the solution to the water usage, rather part of the problem.

Of course, one garden won’t be enough to fill California’s water reserves, but hopefully, gardens like these can help to inspire others to do the same. And while one may not be much with enough restaurants aeroponically growing their own food, we really could make a difference and reduce the amount of resource we consume.

Kevin Land, Team ADI

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