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Pet Plants: Keeping plants as pets

Posted by Team ADI on

Not only animals can be kept as pets. You can alsoåÊkeep plants as pets. Plant pets are low maintenance and they can be soothing. They can help to release good scents in your living area, making your environment always smell nice.

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In keeping a plant, first choose a house plant you want. Some good house plants are Wandering Jews, Peperomias, Chinese evergreens, and Hostas. Decide whether you want to plant from seed, grow roots from a cutting, or buy a whole new plant. Plant your seed or root, or buy your new plant. Name your plant. Take a pot and paint it so it looks like a pet bed. Feed your plant water and fertilizer. Whether you‰Ûªre a homebody, the outdoorsy type, or are always on the go, there‰Ûªs a plant out there for you.

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