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Parents: The World's Smartest Children Ensure They Have This In Their Daily Lives!

Posted by Team ADI on

A child's mind is like a sponge - they absorb things really fast. However, there's always a limit to the amount of liquid a sponge can hold. Analogically, how do the smartest children in the world ensure that they absorb things quickly and yet at the same time, continuously?


1) Finland

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Finland's children are one of the smartest and happiest in the entire world as they embark on their educational journey. Their school curriculum only lasts for four hours, leaving the rest of the time to explore nature, play with their friends and learn more about themselves.

"Learning about themselves" definitely is the key towards intellect; you know what you like and do not like, as such you pursue what you're good at. 

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Finland's school makes it a point to incorporate nature into their curriculum for the benefits it might bring to a child's productivity and learning aptitude in the long run to make the country's children successful.


2) Singapore

Millions of families leave their hometown and comfort in order to come to Singapore, all for their children's education; significantly high school tuition fees does not deter them from doing so as well. 

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It is not a secret that the education system in Singapore demands a lot from a child up till the year of an undergraduate. Spending half a day in school, then half a day finishing homework is not exactly the ideal type of culture a child needs or to a parent's liking. However, the children here are still productive and efficient and even more so, happy. Why?

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The roads of Singapore are lined and decorated with flora and with public transport being the main mode of transport for all citizens, especially students, they are constantly exposed to the greenery which has a therapeutic effect towards their mental health. Long term exposure to these green spaces implicitly improves a student's wellbeing and reduces stress even on their journey to school and home. One of the main reasons why Singapore's children is so successful is due to how Singapore has accounted for all these little things that are proven to make citizens' life better off.


3) Ireland

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The Irish government places lots of emphasis on education for the Irish with an investment of 8.7 billion euro annually. Free education is provided for all levels from primary to college level. As such, the literacy rate is 99% for the Irish. 

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Similarly, take a look at the roads of Ireland along schools to the locals' residences. The Irish are exposed to a vast amount of greenery which definitely has a positive influence on their mental state of health and alleviation of stress, making them more productive and happy. Ireland's generations of success and smarter population have indeed been attributed to their environment and surroundings, sometimes even without themselves realising it.


With more and more international recognition and knowledge on how nature plays a part in a child's development, many people are finding ways to incorporate a piece of nature into their homes, with more countries setting aside precious land spaces to develop green spaces, like Singapore's Garden's by the Bay, which is located in the city-state's prime central business district area.


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Improving your child's growth begins with a simple, but important, step: Introducing nature into their surroundings to ensure the stability of their mental health as they grow up. What they need is a piece of nature, and it is a definite must to be surrounded by it, starting today. 

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