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Our design philosophy

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Here at ADI we design our products with your use in mind - our design team works every day with our customer service team to understand you and your needs. Right from the conceptualising process all the way to the mass manufacturing, we make sure that your needs and ease of use is put first, beyond anything else.

Take for example our very first EcoQube - many of you came to us with issues regarding it, and your feedback has helped us make the EcoQube C.


We implemented all the feedback the very first 700 EcoQube owners provided in December 2014 to create the upgraded EcoQube C you all know and love. Even then, it was not perfect, and your feedback, once again, has been extremely valuable in helping us work out the final kinks in this product you helped create.  With every shipment, we can now present you with better and better releases.

While creating the prototypes for the EcoQube Air, we worked with your previous feedback in mind to create a beautiful and yet still easy-to-use product. It was extremely challenging, as the Air is a complex product with many components and an app, but prioritising your ease of use has helped us focus on creating the best product for you!

Here are a couple of improvements with have made with feedback from you:

  • Integrated aquaponics filter on the C that has created a seamless, beautiful aquarium
  • Improvements to the design from the first EcoQube to the EcoQube C that has made it much easier to use 
  • Better grow mediums for all our products
  • A brace on the EcoQube C to help prevent fish from jumping out of an aquarium with no lid
  • Failsafes and extra protection in the Air that help prevent water damage to the electricals

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