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Not Doing This May Cost You Your "Life"!

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Work-life balance, this saying exists but are we actually taking action on what we preach? The improvements in technology have sped up the way we communicate, interact, do business and make transactions happen; we are unconsciously engaging in activities from day to night, 7 days a week. Tell me one time when you wouldn't check your emails on a weekend? Yeah, probably a decade ago. Our lives have become daunted with work and the only sanctuary we might find solace would be a place called Home. However, we have the financial means to purchase a Home, but how much effort do we actually put into making it an ideal living space that is psychologically beneficial to our well-being? Here are how successful people, who work almost the entire time they are awake, architect and give life to their Home; and you might want to learn because, despite their daily grind, they are still healthy, fit and productive.

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When we mention "life", we talk about living partners and this does not pertain to humans. Domestic pets are god-sent partners for humans and we should take the opportunity to include them in our daily lives, especially for hustlers who have difficulty finding time to commit to human partners; animals love unconditionally!

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Wellness corners; just a simple corner, consisting of dollar shop yoga mats to sophisticated, luxurious gym machines are ways that successful people put in their homes to ensure they sweat out the stress after a day's hustle and grind. Bet you didn't know that 30 minutes of aerobics or chill workout could calm you mentally and prepare you for the work to come! Exercising is an ancient term to "give life" to oneself, through their own means.

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Ever wondered why people invest so much in paintings? It is not just for aesthetics or appreciation for the arts, being exposed to paintings are a form of psychological therapy which soothes your mental and emotional state. I mean, we don't have to go for exclusive, auction-only kind of paintings, your $25 photo-printed painting from IKEA probably works too; so long as you like it and the painting, at first sight, makes you feel good! Paintings also give your house "life" as it will define what sort of theme you decided to furnish your Home with and the good things is, that decision is entirely yours! Spend some time, make your Home something you look forward to going back to every day!

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