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Moving ADI Headquarters

Posted by Team ADI on

We here at ADI have come a long way from where we began, at least, metaphorically. Literally, we've just moved across the street! It may not be far, but we're really excited about our new office and what it means for our company.

Our old location was little more than one office room connected to a warehouse. And while it served us well during our EcoQube 1 campaign, we realized its limitations when fulfilling the thousands of orders from our EcoQube C campaign. Since then, we've partnered with dedicated shipping professionals and moved inventory to facilities more equipped than our humble warehouse. This combined with the increasing amount of products we offer and the people we work with meant a change in focus for our company, and for our new focus, we needed more of an office and less of a warehouse.

More than just a desperately needed change in our feng shui, our new location will provide us with new opportunities and challenges, and we thought that we would share with you our experience of planting new roots.

The Move

Even though it only took a week, I never imagined my work at ADI would involve so much exercise. In the interest of conserving our resources, we decided to tackle the moving process ourselves rather than hire help. And though we came out of the process wiser and stronger, we realize now why people hire movers in the first place!

The first step was dismantling the old warehouse. Stacks upon stacks of boxes, thousands of dollars of aquarium equipment, hundreds of fish and invertebrates, and a literal ton of aquarium decorations filled the unit. Very little of it would make it into the new office space so we had to find a new home for the majority. Our new office wouldn't have the capacity for such large tanks, so we ended up donating most of our fish to interested parties. Of course, we kept all the EcoQubes. They fit very well in the new space.

The next step was moving everything that we did decide to keep out of the old space. This included 10 bags of Mountain Stone Decorations and 8 excessively large bags of Aquarium safe driftwood. As you might imagine, the sacks full of rocks were quite heavy, but what you cannot imagine is just how difficult it was to move the mammoth bags of driftwood. Filled with pointy branches of wood, jagged edges and spikes jutted out of the thin bag in every direction, giving the whole thing the texture of a pufferfish at a full puff. And because that alone would be too easy to move, each bag was approximately the size of an adolescent rhinoceros, only with hundreds of horns.

I don't have a photo, but here's an artist's interpretation of a bag of driftwood.

On a related note, check out the ADI store for great EcoQube accessories like Mountain Stones and Aquarium Safe Driftwood!

Planting New Roots

With the sore backs and cut up hands, we locked up the warehouse for the last time and began the fun part. Our previous office was practical and sparse out of necessity, but with the move came an opportunity to liven up our space. We have many blog posts and updates explaining the benefits of a green workspace, and now it was time for us to practice what we preach.

We were lucky enough to get big, beautiful bay windows with our new office, and we plan to take full advantage. Natural lighting has numerous benefits, not the least of which is that it gives our Kokedama pieces the energy they need. The natural light also means we never have to turn on the artificial ones letting us conserve energy and save on our electric bill.


In place of a cluttered warehouse, we now have a wonderful lounge/meeting room at ADI headquarters. Group meetings and tea breaks have been much nicer now with windows and carpeting.

The bigger office area also allowed us to rearrange our desks. Instead of everyone working against a wall facing away from each other, we were able to arrange the tables in a way to create a collaborative workspace, with people facing each other. This makes working a little less lonesome and should boost productivity!

Best of all, we finally have enough space to display all our EcoQubes! We're as big of fans of the Qubes as anyone, and we think placing them all around the office has brought a lot of life into the office.

Charles made the transition over as well!

With our new environment, we're more focused and committed than ever to ensuring that we make the best, most innovative decor pieces ever and helping people that already have them get the best experience possible. We can't wait to create more beautiful pieces of living decor, so we can fill our office with them!

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