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Largest Vertical Farm in the World to be Built in New Jersey

Posted by Team ADI on

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, addresses the benefits of vertical farming at the Newark facility.

Hydroponic, vertical farming is no longer the agriculture of tomorrow. It's here today. Aerofarms, one of the world's leaders in hydroponic agriculture, is on track to open the largest vertical farm in the world this year. When completed, the facility will be nearly 70,000 square feet of vertically aligned grow trays, making it the largest vertical farm in the world. The company behind the futuristic farm, AeroFarm, is fully invested in using vertical farming to solve the problems of exploding populations, particularly in urban centers. The Newark facility, just an hour from Manhattan, will produce 2 million pounds of food per year. What's more, that food will be grown in an intricately controlled environment maximizing the nutrients and even taste of the crops while lowering the resources required to grow it by 95% (Learn more about the health of hydroponically grown foods from our blog). The end result will be cheaper, healthier, more environmentally friendly vegetables being delivered fresh to New York and New Jersey cities every day. As huge supporters of hydroponics, we'll be following AeroFarm with great interest and hoping they open one up by us!

  • Kevin Land, Team ADI

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