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Keep Your Betta Happy & Healthy!

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Life isn't always easy--even for your fish. Sometimes, environmental factors and disturbances to the ecosystem can cause stress to your fish. So maybe your betta fish is looking a bit unhappy?

There are many factors that could play into the mood of your fish friend, but we've got a solution that you can try out to increase the overall well-being of your fish. After all, you'd want to make life easier for your fish right?

The unhappiness of your fish could simply be due to the fact that it is in a new environment. It may take awhile for your fish to get acclimated to different living conditions. In that case, it would just require some patience before your fish are swimming around with ease.

We recommend that you wait at least 2-3 weeks to see if your fish adjusts well, before trying out these methods.

If you sense that your fish is clearly disturbed, then you can take a look at the flow of water in your EcoQube. It is possible that the current is too strong, thus, causing stress to your fish.

There are two low-cost options to help reduce the current/flow in the tank and make your fish more at peace:

  • Use a betta hammock
  • A betta hammock is like a resting bed for your betta fish. A hammock such as in the shape of a leaf is attached to a suction cup that you can stick to the inside of the tank.

    Much like hammocks that humans use, a betta hammock allows your fish to rest in an elevated position.

    To slow the flow of water, you can place the betta hammock right in front of the outlet.

    (Image Source:

  • Create a baffle
  • Since betta fish generally live in tranquil waters, any disturbance in their environment can rile them up quite a bit.

    A baffle is a sort of device that helps to moderate the flow of water from the filter. Baffles help restrict the flow of water/current and make for a better quality of life for the betta. You can place a baffle in front of the pump spout (where the output of water is) to reduce the impact of the water current.

    You can simply create your own with any plastic bottle you have on hand. Cut the plastic bottle into a suitable size and shape so that it forms an arch over the pump spout. This should control the flow of water so that your betta fish can rest easier in calmer waters.


    The EcoQube C is about 7.8 inches by 7.8 inches by 7.8 inches and holds about 1.5 gallons in volume. The pump spout can be found to the upper left of the tank and measures almost an inch.

    Let us know if you end up trying these tips or if you discover any other ways to keep your fish happy and healthy!

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