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So you have a lovely EcoQube in your home, and everyone has been asking where you've gotten it from. Previously you used to say you got it from Kickstarter, and they'd be disappointed that it wasn't readily available. Now we have an online store (you're on it now!), which makes sharing our EcoQube so much easier. But why not earn a few extra bucks from any person who buys an EcoQube because of you?

Why not be a part of spreading awareness of aquaponics, sustainability practices and love for our environment?

We've just introduced our referral programme, and it's the easiest system in the world to use. First of all, just click here to sign up.

You'll see this page:

Just fill in your details as asked, and take note of the conversion action! Any and all orders that go through your unique code will give you 10% of their total sale.

Once you've signed up, you'll see this page:

Just copy your referral code by pressing the big, yellow 'Copy' button and send it to someone who's interested in having a low-maintenance aquarium! You can also post your link to social media if you'd like, or email it to someone.

But now you're wondering: I haven't entered any payment details, how am I supposed to receive any of my commissions?

Well, head on over to the 'Settings' tab:

And just enter your PayPal email into the box and press 'Save Changes'!

Unfortunately we are unable to add any other payment methods at this time. Fortunately, PayPal is really easy to set up, so just head on over to your site to get an account if you don't have one yet!

If you have any questions, do shoot them over to and we'd be glad to help you out.

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