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Introducing Team ADI SG!

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Thanks to our amazing backers (that’s you!) Team ADI has grown! If you were subscribed to our newsletter, and read our China trip post, you’d see that we have a new face on the team, and from the other side of the world too! Well, she’s an integral part of our team that works 15 hours away from us: 

Introducing Team ADI SG!

Conan (left) and Zarifah (right), our Marketing Guy and Creative Spirit respectively

We’re almost done with transitioning some of our operations over to Team Singapore, and once it is complete, they will handle almost everything to do with customer experience. This includes the ads and posts that you see on Facebook and other social media, the emails and newsletters that we send to you and the replies to emails that you send to our customer support team.

All of that comes out of this office!


About Singapore

Singapore is a tiny little island city-state in Southeast Asia. It’s filled with trees, thanks to a ton of government initiatives, and people (also thanks to the government). Because so many people are surrounded by so much green, there’s quite a lot of love for nature that’s embedded within us.

I draw so much inspiration and energy from Singapore’s surroundings to pour into my work in ADI. And there's so much to learn from it to! From Singapore’s local collaborative community - also known as gotong royong in Malay - in creating and maintaining green spaces, to the many state initiatives that exist to maintain and improve upon this, and the innovative grit of Singaporeans that binds it all.

Our everyday view

Environmentally, Singapore doesn’t really fare very well. Per person, we are one of the biggest consumers of fuel and the biggest producers of waste, the latter of which is placed in a rapidly filling landfill on an offshore island. Our primary forests and mangroves are almost gone due to rapid urbanisation, and as a result, our wildlife too.

We live with a lot of modern comforts, which allows a lot of us to take the environment for granted.

This is where we - as part of Team ADI - hopes to make a change, to promote love and respect for nature and a desire to lead sustainable lives. This change will not happen today or tomorrow, but it starts with us here and now.


Outtakes, and other things


This is our moss ball, George, sitting happily in his EcoQube. We don’t have fish in our EcoQubes yet, because we were one of the unlucky people whose plant mediums dissolved. I would email customer service… Except I am the customer service…


This is Sarah, the other moss ball in the other EcoQube.

Move-in day! We sat at the back of a pick-up truck from Ikea to our new office


Our Ikea loot


P.S.: Fellow Singapore dwellers! If you'd like to get yourself an EcoQube C at a great price, we have limited stock in-house. Shoot us an email:

For those living in the US, we're listed on Amazon. For everyone else, you can get your EcoQube here.

-- Zarifah A., Team ADI


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