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How To Start Seeding Your Plants Indoors

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The way to start seeding your plants indoors can be done very easily, and with very little effort.

It can be covered briefly. However, like any hobby, it's always a labor of love. So, pay particular attention to directions in order to create the perfect atmosphere for seeding plant indoors.

In the past, summer houses and early gardens were used for planting spring/summer gardens in the middle of winter. This was known as a way to push early seedlings, and to prepare for the opportunity of good weather in the near future, far from that of winter freezing temperatures. Also, it was a way to ensure plant survival during the winter time.

Recently, there has been more of a movement and incentive for these old remedies to resurface in the hopes of organic gardening and lawn care. These can effectively facilitate healthier living, and better plants. These are just a few of the aspects needed to push seedlings indoors for yourself.

I will describe a sure fire way to start seedlings, from the very beginning.

Sources of Seeds


First thing is to find a good source for seeds. If you have heirlooms, then you are a step ahead of the rest.

However, a quick trip to your local hardware or garden store can be beneficial in finding the type of seeds you want. Whether its for a vegetable garden or lawn care, you can find most of your needs there. Although the internet offers many different avenues to surf for the types of seeds, try to use the most convenient and within the temperate growing zones of your habitation.

It's usually easier to use plants that are indigenous to your area. However, this can be circumvented by planting within your growing zone. A beneficial book to look at is the Farmers Almanac, it covers everything from planting times, lunar cycles, and future weather forecasts. It is a quick reference to success.

Proper Placing

You will start off by using a plastic resealable bag or sandwich bag. Make sure it's airtight and resealable.

For your growing medium, this can be a paper towel. Place the towel in the bag and add water to it, just enough to moisten the towel. Use a 20% hydrogen peroxide and add two drops to the bag. This will inhibit any type of mold from killing off your seedlings. Place the bag in direct sunlight, possibly taping the bag to a window will do. After a week or two, you will notice the seeds sprouting. After they have grown approximately an inch to two inches long, it's time to plant the seeds in another medium.

For this, you can purchase seedling trays at your hardware store. Some trays come with dehydrated medium disc. If not, a simple potting soil mixed with vermiculite at a ratio of 1 part vermiculite to 3 parts potting soil. This will help facilitate growth for the plants. the vermiculite will absorb water and help keep the soil moist.

Plant your seedlings, and be sure to label them so you know what you have planted in the trays. You can use popsicle sticks or label to do this, or simply keep them separated from other seedling types.

Dependent on what type of plant you have sprouted, it will determine if your seedling trays need full sunlight or partial light. Be sure to read your seed packets instructions completely to make sure.

This is more often a point of contention, as most do not read the fine print on the back of most packets. It is important to do so, as it could affect the life of the plant, the zone at which it can be transplanted, and its seasonal growth pattern.

There are several other types of modern seedling machines. However, most are expensive. The catch? Results are almost the same. This has been the best way to help seeding plants indoors. Remember to replant into bigger flower pots, as your new seedling grows indoors.

You will see your efforts pay off in the long run. 

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