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How to Have a Sustainable Date Night

Posted by Team ADI on

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Whether you’re single or in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day is a terrific time to take an extra step to share the love that you have for those in your life.

Here at ADI, we’re interested in eating well and having an enjoyable time, while still holding onto our value of sustainability. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate this special holiday in a sustainable way, we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

What to Do:

There are plenty of cost-efficient places you can go and activities you can do without causing a heavy amount of environmental disturbance. A few ideas:

  • Single? Throw a Valentine’s day party in your own backyard, complete with a movie screening and fun activities, such as taking the Love Languages Test or Jumbo Jenga.
  • Explore a national park, see the sand dunes, or go hiking (carpool to these destinations!)
  • Visit old grounds with a loved one and reminisce about each shared memory!

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What to Wear (For the Ladies):

Convertible Pantsuit by Seamly

What to Wear (For the Lads):

Mother Earth Ties from Zazzle


What to Eat When You Go Out for Dinner:

  • Sustainable Restaurants by Eat Well Guide
    A source that provides easy access to a list of sustainable restaurants near you, such as Tender Greens. What qualifies these restaurants as sustainable? They use a combination of sustainably sourced and local ingredients, and decreased use of fossil fuels.
  • Picnic at your local park (walk or bike there to minimize your C02 footprint). By bringing your own food you can reduce food waste.

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    We hope you have learned some useful tips for having a sustainable date night. No matter how you end up spending your Valentine's Day we wish you a day full of love! 

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