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How To Finally Achieve Your Goals This 2019

Posted by Celine Kate on

It's Time To Stop Pushing Back Your Goals

Have big goals for the coming year, but feel like you’re always stretched for time?

We get it - we’re all busy and life can throw curveballs at us.

But this next year will be different because there is a solution!

The key to getting ahead and saving yourself time is to identify the things that you shouldn't be doing - the low value tasks that you're doing that add little intrinsic value to you.

A great rule of thumb is to free up 10 hours a month every six months.

If you can find a way to find and free up 10 hours every month within a six-month interval, you will find that you have gradually simplified your time so that you’re focusing on high-productivity activities.

A Harvard Study found out that those who made goals and created written plans were ten times more successful than those without either.

If you set your goals straight and manage your valuable time, you are on your way to success.

Here’s how you can easily hit your goals next year:

You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands - your own.

-Mark Victor Hansen

Remember, Everyone Has Time

Saying you don't have time for something is an excuse we make to put off something we might be afraid of doing.

Everyone has the same number of hours in their day. Everyone has 24 hours and everyone has the ability to get what they need to get done.

Therefore, using the excuse of “I have no time” will do nothing but irritate you, frustrate you, and lead to you never achieving your goals.

How do I get my time back?

This is a great question, and if we break time management down, there are only four ways to change what we actually do with our time.

One, start doing something new. Two, stop doing something altogether. Three, do more of certain things, and four, do less of certain things.

So, the first step in getting your time back is to become aware of how you're currently using your time. You should now make decisions based on what you need to stop doing to create more time.

Researchers from the University of Michigan said that productivity dropped at a staggering rate of 40% for subjects who tried to multitask. You must learn the benefits of delegating your low-priority tasks, and performing what you can do to best help your business and your personal self grow.

You can then invest your precious time into higher value tasks rather than that of lower value tasks.

How To Have A Productive Week - Every. Single. Week.

In order to finish a week the right way, it starts with setting a weekly plan.

Either are you in control of the day or the day controls you.

If you don't schedule your time, it will control you. If you don’t plan your time, it will be just like a vacuum canister filled with “stuff”. And, what you'll find is you'll get to the end of a week and remain constantly frustrated because of feeling inefficient and unproductive. Uh huh, we all can relate.

One of the greatest time-management mantras you can form is the habit of sitting down on either Sunday night or Monday morning setting clear goals on what exactly do you want to achieve for that week.

Maximizing Your Calendar And Getting Friendly Support

We recommend you schedule your tasks into your calendar. That way, you’ll have alotted time for when you’re going to work on achieving your goals regardless of how busy the rest of your day is. In fact, at EcoQube we make sure that our calendars have any meetings, deadlines, or other important events that we need to ensure get taken care of scheduled in.

You can always use your Google Calendar to keep track of your activities on the go. A Calendly calendar can help you schedule calls with someone you are currently doing business with. And if you want to go old school, writing your goals down on your own physical calendar can help a ton.

A study conducted by the Dominican University of California found that 76% out of 149 participants succeed in their business goals by writing it down, making an action plan, and sending weekly reports to a trusted friend.

This is why it’s important to keep your calendar tidy and to have someone to envision success with you. After all, that’s what friends are for, right?

Scribble Your Goals Down Before Working On Them

Psychology professor from the Dominican University of California spearheaded a study about goal setting involving 270 participants. The study revealed that participants are 42% more likely to achieve certain goals if they have written it down.

This is why every single year, millions of planners are released - to help you plan your year ahead.

Maybe this time, it’s time to stop collecting Starbucks stickers just to create an artsy planner. Maybe it’s time to start to actually use it as well!  

Another study from the Statistic Brain, exploring the so-called “New Year’s Goals” also revealed how poor goal-setting could be without writing them down. The study summarizes one thing - only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals, and the rest? 92% of them end up in complete failure.

What’s more surprising? 38% of Americans never set goals. That means roughly 186 million people are setting goals, while 171.12 million are giving up before even getting started.

Now it’s time to ask yourself, “what goals do I have for 2019?”

Stomping Procrastination Out Of Your Way

Do you want a multi-million business? Do you want to get certified in a certain field or skill? Maybe start a family? Well, who doesn’t want to be successful?

Having a sound plan is great. But, not working towards your plan can have your plans fall flat right through rock bottom.

Procrastination as you know it is the silent goal-killer. In fact, it’s responsible for the 92% of people that failed to hold onto their New Year’s Resolutions.

How do you stop procrastinating? Make sure you have a detailed game-plan for the entire day. Make your to-do list a whole lot more honest, and set your goals according to how you want to achieve them.

Stop mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feeds or grabbing your VR glasses.

Once you’ve succeeded, isn’t it better to reward yourself by celebrating with it instead of wasting your time on it?

Re-energizing Your Space

Looking to work from a more positive and enthusiastic atmosphere? Why not try revamping your favorite zone in your house or energizing your workspace?

A 2010 study commissioned by the University of Sydney showed that the presence of plants in the workplace attributed a 50% reduction in feelings of anxiety or stress. The plants also increased vigor - making the employees much more inspired to work to their fullest potential.

Although there are only 40 participants in this study, results led to a significant story to tell - 58% drop in depression and dejection and a 38% reduction in fatigue.

As color psychology suggests, green is evokes peace and tranquility. For that same reason guests that appear on a TV show are asked to first stay inside a green room to ease tension.

Another study spearheaded by Dr. Chris Knight from the University of Exeter showed that plants, after being added to lean and dull workspaces, increased employee productivity to a 15% jump. They also performed better on basic tests, showing an improvement in their memory retention and comprehension.

If you are in for improving your cognitive function while feeling more optimistic - plants could be a great addition to your environment.


You’ll find higher chances of success in achieving your goals if you’re set to accept that it won’t be as easy as ABC. In order to become a part of the 3% of goal-setters that have actually made it to the cut, you must:

  • Stop giving in to excuses

  • Plan your week ahead

  • Re-evaluate yourself every week

  • Update your calendar with sound and achievable plans

  • Share your goals with your confidante

  • Avoid multi-tasking and procrastinating

  • Redecorate your workspace with plants

We hope these tips will help you achieve not just your New Year’s Resolution for the coming year, but all of your goals!

Do you have any experience in effective time management and goal completion? Leave a comment below to let us know what has worked the best for you!

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