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How an Aquarium Can Benefit Your Health

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Do you ever notice a calm or relaxed feeling when you’re around an aquarium? Maybe the sound of the bubbling water takes you to a tranquil place, or helps remove the stressful thoughts from your mind. An aquarium can benefit your health in more ways than one.

A study completed by Plymouth University shows that people who spend a considerable amount of time around aquariums see an improvement in their physical and mental wellbeing. Apart from boosting people’s moods, an aquarium can reduce blood pressure, heart rates, and other conditions. 

Reduces Stress

Extensive competition and modern day living has led to the rise of daily stress. This stress eventually leads to emotional and physical disorders in your body. As much as stress is unavoidable, you can keep it to a minimum or at healthy levels. 

A good way to do this would be to introduce an aquarium in your living room. As you watch fish make their slow and rapid movements in water, you immediately experience a relaxing effect, which helps to soothe the mind. 

Their movement is also hypnotic. This is significant in that it puts your mind at ease and helps you forget your daily troubles. If you have been suffering from stress and similar conditions, then you should invest in a nano aquarium and enjoy the benefits. 

Reduces Pain 

This is one main benefit of aquariums which is not known by many individuals. Fish help reduce body pain. Maybe you’re wondering why most doctor’s chambers and dental clinics have an aquarium.

Apart from making the place look beautiful and attractive; most patients have reported reduced pain after looking at the aquarium just for a few minutes. 

Plymouth University also found that if you have an infant suffering from separation anxiety, or even extensive colic pain, a fish aquarium will play a very big role in reducing these problems. This could mean a few more hours of shut eye for you!

Provides a Good Sleep at Night

A fish tank can induce a relaxing effect to the entire body, which is especially true in babies. It allows them to sleep better at night. It is common knowledge that getting sufficient and quality sleep at night allows an adult, or even children, to wake up feeling fresh. 

This translates to more productivity during the day as well as fast turnaround time for work. Additionally, if you get good quality sleep, your body can repair damaged tissues while rejuvenating the cells ready for the following day. 

Reduces High Blood Pressure 

Studies from the University of Exeter's European Centre for Environment and Human Health indicate that the presence of a fish tank in the house can minimize blood pressure. There are some individuals who opt for an empty, but highly decorated aquarium to enjoy the benefits. 

However, those aquariums with live and beautiful fish get better results. If the costs of putting up an aquarium are not within your reach, you can also watch videos of swimming fish and still enjoy the relaxing benefits. 

Increases Your Productivity 

Even if you do not have a lot of space in your office or workplace, you can still have a small aquarium. You can consider getting a betta fish! Betta fish are easy to care for and have pretty colors you can enjoy. Ensure that you select a suitable place for your aquarium that has a clear line of sight to all office members. 

This will give people an opportunity to stand and watch for several minutes in a day. People in offices with aquariums have increased productivity compared to those that don’t have a couple extra buddies at their desk. 

Helps Alzheimer’s Patients 

Older people suffering from this condition can greatly benefit from having an aquarium in the house. Studies indicate that people suffering from Alzheimer’s will eat more and require fewer supplements if they spend a considerable amount around an aquarium. Such people will have minimal aggressive behavior thanks to the relaxing effect of aquariums.

Maintaining and managing a small fish aquarium at home is easy. Give it proper care and attention, and your fish will be healthier. Makes sure to keep the tank clean, so you have a clear view of the fish as they swim, and the fish will also be happier. This will allow you to fully benefit from the therapeutic and health benefits of having an aquarium at home. 


-Emily Bean, Guest Post

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