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Hanging Kokedama Garden

Posted by Kevin Land on

Hanging Kokedama Garden

If you’ve read our recent blog post about Kokedama Gardening, you’ll know we’ve been crazy lately about about these awesome little moss balls. If you’re not familiar, Kokedama is a Japanese gardening method in which plants are grown in a ball of soil (usually a substrate mixture) that’s covered in moss and tied up in string to keep it from falling apart. The end result a is a beautiful, pot-less plant that gives any room a rustic, natural feel. As if they weren’t cool enough already, we found this interesting guide on how to make your own hanging Kokedama garden! The article by Aura Scaringi and reposted by Design Sponge gives easy, step-by-step instructions detailing not only how to make Kokedama, but also how to make an entire hanging garden of them. We’re always looking for fun or unique ways to bring life into homes and offices, and I love the idea of having a Japanese inspired hanging garden.

Kevin Land, Team ADI

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