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Handling Algae Like a Professional

Posted by Team ADI on

Handling Algae Like a Professional

Even in the healthiest of ecosystems, algal blooms can still grow and overwhelm an aquarium. And even though most algae are not toxic to aquatic life, it can deprive your ecosystem of vital nutrients and make it look kinda gross. This article by the Aquarium Professional Groups is a fantastically detailed analysis of algae buildups in home aquaria, going into their causes and the best ways to deal with them. As the article points out, algal blooms can be tricky to prevent because they occur when a very healthy ecosystem has too many nutrients, in other words, you can take too good of care of your aquarium. According to the article, the most common causes of algae build up are overfeeding and over lighting, so try to avoid excess energy in your aquarium to ward off algae. For more information about taking care algae in your aquarium, check out our Inputs and Outputs of Ecosystems blog posts!

- Kevin Land, Team ADI

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