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Feeding Your Fish Like a Professional

Posted by Team ADI on

It seems simple, but feeding your fish is one of the most significant inputs of energy into your aquarium. And for a complex ecosystem like an aquarium for function and support all the life within it, its energy inputs must be very carefully controlled. In this article by Aquarium Professionals Group, the author does into great detail describing proper feeding procedure to avoid over or underfeeding your aquatic friends. Like our own advice, these aquarium professionals advice feeding in very small amounts (several flakes by their estimate), only what the fish can eat in one “sitting.” The most useful portion of the article I found to be the description of overfeeding symptoms in a tank. Because every ecosystem is unique, this is very useful for determining the best amount of food for your tank, especially for beginners just getting used to their fish tank. For more info about the dangers of overfeeding, check out our post about Algal Blooms in your aquarium and this one about the Life in an EcoQube.

Kevin Land, Team ADI

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