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Feature Improvements of the EcoQube Air to make a 100% perfect greenhouse

Posted by Team ADI on

This one is a bit more detailed, so here's your table of contents:

  1. Why we spend so much time, energy and additional cash to make the EcoQube Air even better.
  2. Water testing electronics and further protecting it.
  3. Further reinforcements to the electronic connections.

You already know about our failsafe grow tray that makes it nearly impossible for water to flood the Qube, and now we'll tell you the other safety features of the Air.

1. We spent a TON of time everyday living and breathing the EcoQube Air with our incredible engineering + design team. We prototyped as fast as possible so, with every slight iteration, we can look for ways to improve by even just 1%.

Even if we spend more time and money, we believe perfecting the last 1% is crucial to making not just a beautiful but failsafe product.

2. So with one of the final prototypes, we sprinkled water all over the electronics to see what might potentially happen if an accident might've happened.

We purposely powered the EcoQube at just 24V so that it's SUPER SAFE but we've invested a lot into an injection molded BOX + clear extrusion to cover the electronics. We've since gone even further to invest in additional tooling to create an INJECTION molded silicone cover over the slightly exposed edge connector. All this is to protect the electronics in case of a light spill.


3. Also to protect the edge connector from wear and tear, we've decided to invest even more into INJECTION molding the fan compartment covers to add two extruding pegs that ensure the stability of the electrical connections over time. They're placed there to guide the greenhouse and hold it in place, and to make sure that sudden movements don't damage the connector.

We've done everything we can to make the EcoQube Air water safe but, larger spills or extended exposure to water on the electronics may still cause short-circuiting and is not covered under warranty. As you've seen above, we've done literally everything we can to make the EcoQube Air as amazing as possible.

As you can see, we're working hard to make sure that the EcoQube Air is the most energy efficient, beautiful, modern and safest desktop ecosystem. Let us know what you think of these additions!

Till next time,

Zarifah and Team ADI

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