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Feature Friday : Meet Rob

Posted by Team ADI on

Being a dad and raising three awesome boys with Autism is not an easy task. His love, patience and support makes everything for kids uncomplicated. For him, seeing his family and kids happy makes everything worth it.

Meet Rob and this is his EcoQube story.

I don't remember how I came across the EcoQube C but I was very intrigued by it. I love having little ecosystems that can be maintained indoors. What initially struck me was how clean and elegant it looked in the pictures. It's something I thought we could put in our mantel and everyone could enjoy.

When my EcoQube C arrived, I was super excited but I'd promised my youngest I'd wait until he got home from school to set it up.

He and I set up the EcoQube up in a very short period of time. We set up the decorations, smoothed out the gravel and added some plants. The process was really straightforward and it was something we enjoyed working together.

We went out to the store and bought a plant to put on the top because it pushed the process along a bit faster and my kids didn't have the patience to wait for seeds to grow. Lol

It worked out great. We went through some growing pains as we learned what worked and what didn't. We had an issue with the original pump but they sent out a replacement and I installed it myself quite easily. That made all the difference in the world. Our setup is perfect and the kids love it.

We never tried any other brands before this but my experience with customer service has been hugely positive. Was I disappointed the pump was bad? Of course, I was. That being said, they very rapidly took care of the problem and I'm very happy with the results.

All three of my kids have Autism and when things get overwhelming for them or they get overstimulated by life, they will sit and watch the fish, shrimp, and snails in our EcoQube. It's soothing for my wife and I as well. In fact, I really want to put the EcoQube on my nightstand because I think it would help me unwind and fall asleep. Unfortunately, my wife won't let me because the kids use it too much.

This is a great sensory friendly aquarium for kids with Autism. It's simple to maintain and it teaches responsibility. It's also very relaxing. Did I say it was relaxing?

We love it so much that it inspired us to add a second, much larger tank to our home. The big one has a ton of fish in it and it's amazing in its own right but it still doesn't replace the unique impact our EcoQube has on my family. Maybe someday I'll get a second one so I can put it on my nightstand.

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