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Feature Friday : Meet Matthias

Posted by Team ADI on

I honestly cannot remember how I found the Ecoqube C. I wasn't even looking for something remotely related to fish tanks and such. But when I saw the Ecoqube C I loved how it looked and after some research, I loved the idea even more. A couple of days later I ordered it and didn't regret it once.

I ordered the EcoQube C on the 5th of February. After I got it I had it running for almost 3 weeks before I introduced shrimp. They are loving it! Water quality was perfect since day 1, I check it every other day. The plants growing in it are Java Moss for the background and Eleocharis sp. mini as the ground cover. The first ground cover pogostemon helferi was eaten by the shrimp, so I had to replace it.

For Aquaponic filtering, I use green onion. Works like a charm obviously.

My experience with the Qube and ADI was very good from the beginning. Product works as expected and support replied fast.

When I saw the EcoQube I instantly knew how to decorate it. Since its located in my gaming room and the room is already filled with gaming and nerd stuff it had to be Star Wars!

You know, the Dagobah Scene with the sunken X-Wing in the swamp. So I bought a model and sealed it with epoxy and it turned out way better than I expected! I love the looks of my Qube!

Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

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