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Feature Friday: Meet Libby

Posted by Team ADI on

This is the story of Libby and how she knew about the EcoQube and her experience it.


"I found out about EcoQube through Google. I had been thinking about a fish tank for a while and had seen some hydroponic tanks so I was googling that and low maintenance tanks and the Ecoqube popped up."

"I found it the week of my birthday. I hadn't brought up the idea of fish to my husband yet because I was still noodling it around. But I showed it to him thinking he would want to think about it before we did it. Instead, he asked if that's what I wanted for my birthday and I said yes.

I am very happy with it. I had read just about every review I could get to make sure it wasn't just a hyped up problem. "But I had no reason to worry because it's great!!!"

So the experience was awesome. I had a blast planning and researching plants, shrimp, and snails. My only real problem has been of my own creation. Make sure you get ALL your aquatic plants in the substrate BEFORE you fill with water.


Most of the bad reviews were people not following instructions and/or jumping the gun. I've had many bettas before but I've never had a tank with a filter. So I wasn't so worried about the size.

"I can't say much about brands I've used before since again this is my first filed tank. My last beta lived in a 1 1/2 gallon bowl shaped like a brandy snifter. "

"I would absolutely recommend this. I love it!!! I think the only thing I would change is to make it a little bigger and try to get the opening at the top a bit wider."

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