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Feature Friday : Meet Ava

Posted by Team ADI on

Feature Friday is our attempt to share stories of our community and their EcoQubes.

To start off, meet our friend Ava.

and this is her story.

"I've had my EcoQube since August 29th, 2016, I started off with growing Basil. I have two snails living in it right now named Pinky and Blonde. I'm gonna get some shrimp soon. Right now I have parlor palm growing out of my EcoQube =)"

I love this tank. It really amazes me how clean it stays & I never ever have algae growing in it. I've also had such a good experience with the EcoQube employees as well as Kevin the EcoQube Founder. All very friendly and helpful and reply back very fast! This was my first fish tank so I have many questions.

I would definitely suggest this fish tank to anybody, especially first timers!!

If you have doubts or hesitations about getting the EcoQube C, I would say just do it! It's easy and fun and low maintenance and you learn a lot & it's worth the money.

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