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Fauna of the EcoQube C: White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Posted by Team ADI on

Fauna of the EcoQube C:

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Like the Betta fish, this little guy is also native to South Asia, specifically, Baiyun Mountain of the Guangzhou district of China. The lengthy name comes from the literal translation of "Baiyun," which is a white cloud in English. Also like the Betta, this fish has long been used as an aquarium pet due to its hardy constitution and bright colors. As a result, virtually every WCM Minnow comes from a long line of selective breeding. Unfortunately, human development and environmental footprint have all but eradicated every population of wild WCM Minnow.

Unlike the tropical Betta fish, the WCM Minnow enjoys a slightly lower temperature, somewhere between 64° - 79°F (18° - 26°C). So if you and your Minnows live in colder regions, you should consider adding a heater to your EcoQube. WCM Minnow are omnivorous, so most any type of fish food will work, including our own fish food. EcoQube C compatible heaters and fish food are available to order from our store,

Also distinguishing these guys from the Betta, WCM Minnow's are very friendly fish, who will coexist peacefully with others in their little, fishy community. In fact, it is better to keep them in a small community, as they tend to become stressed when there is less than 4 for them swimming together. So be sure to keep these tiny fishies in good company!


With a small amount of food, a couple of friends, and clean, plant filtered water, these fish should lead long, happy lives in your EcoQube C.


  • Kevin Land, Team ADI

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    • Lelah Marie on

      My two White Cloud Minnows have been doing very well for several months!

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