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EcoQube C+: An End to End Guide Part 4

Posted by Kevin Liang on

The EcoQube C+ is the world's most compact and maintenance free aquarium. We designed our product to be as intuitive and simple to use, a stress free way of adding a window to nature to your home or office. This guide will cover everything you need to know and more to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your EcoQube C+.

This part of the guide will cover maintaining the EcoQube C+ and how to fix any issues you may encounter. For the rest of the guide, check out these links:

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Part 4: Maintaining your Ecosystem

 The EcoQube C+ is the lowest maintenance aquarium currently on the market. You only need to follow these 3, easy steps:

  • Feed your fish once a day or every other day
  • Turn the LED lights on for at least 7 hours a day (can be automated with timer function)
  • Refill the EcoQube with filtered water as water evaporates (approx. once a month)

And that's it! Everything else is handled by the EcoQube itself. The water is filtered and recycled aquaponically in a closed system, eliminating the need for weekly water changes, and algae-eating invertebrate (snails, shrimp) will clean the tank while feeding themselves.

In the event that something does go wrong, fixing the EcoQube is just as simple as maintaining it. Refer to these potential issues as reference

Algal Bloom

Algal blooms (or a sudden growth of algae) are caused by an overabundance of nutrients (fish food, light, etc) in an ecosystem. To solve this, turn off the pump, and empty as much of the water as you can. Use a sponge or a magnet cleaner to lightly scrub away existing algae and rinse it off any affected decorations. Then refill the EcoQube with filtered water. To prevent it from happening again, make sure the EcoQube is not in direct sunlight and avoid overfeeding. For more information about algal blooms and how to prevent them, check out our article, Inputs, and Outputs of an Ecosystem: Algae Growth in the EcoQube C.

Stunted Plant Growth

If your terrestrial plant stops growing, the most likely cause is a lack of nutrients in the ecosystem. The food you feed your fish indirectly fertilizes the plant as well (plants are fertilized from animal waste) so increasing fish food input can help the plant grow as well. You can also give your plant more nutrients by increasing the time the light shines on it. Try leaving it on for 10-12 hours a day for about a week For more detailed information, check out our article, Inputs, and Outputs of an Ecosystem: Plant Growth in the EcoQube C.

A shortcut to solving stunted plant growth is to simply splice an already grown plant into the plant medium. Herbs like basil and mint can be successfully spliced from clippings quite easily. Roots will grow from the herb stem into the medium very quickly. For more detailed instructions, check out our article How to Clone your Mint or Basil Plant.

Automatic Timer not Working

The automatic timer feature will turn on the white, LED grow lights for 7 hours, once a day. To activate the automatic timer, press and hold on the timer button (the clock with a 7 in it) for 3-10 seconds. If you have the inline controller, a small, blue indicator LED will light up just above the button when the timer is active. If you have the remote control, the LEDs on the light panel will blink once to indicate that the timer is now active. The timer is set to turn on at exactly the time you activate it, so if you activate the timer at 7:00 AM, your lights will turn on from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM every day.

If the timer does not work as described above, recycling the power to the EcoQube will often fix the issue. Try unplugging the EcoQube for one minute, reconnecting it, and trying again.

NOTE: If the timer is active, the remote/inline controller WILL NOT work for other functions, you need to disable the timer by repeating the same process to turn it on, or unplug the light and plug it back in.

Pump stops Pumping/Pumps less Water
Check out this video for a visual guide

In this case, the pump may be clogged from organic debris or algae build up in the filter. To clean the pump, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the EcoQube
  • Remove black top cover to expose what is under the plant
  • Find hex nut internal to the back compartment that is behind the water nozzle in the tank
  • Remove nut from the back of the nozzle
  • Remove nozzle
  • Unplug, then pull assembly of UV filter (if you have the UV model) and pump up from the back of the case
  • Check pump for blockage of input side (algae, etc.) Brush/scrub the circular intakes on the pump
  • Check tubing from pump to nozzle outlet - Use a couple pipe cleaners and made mine spic and span
  • Replace and power up all the things

Part 5: Relax and Enjoy!
That's all there is to the EcoQube C+! Hopefully, this is more information than you'll need, but for any remaining unanswered questions, check out our FAQ and Support page.

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For anything not covered here, feel free to drop us a line at We're here to help you and we stand by our products 100%.

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