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EcoQube C+: An End to End Guide Part 1

Posted by Kevin Liang on

The EcoQube C+ is the world's most compact and maintenance free aquarium. We designed our product to be as intuitive and simple to use, a stress-free way of adding a window to nature to your home or office. This guide will cover everything you need to know and more to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your EcoQube C+.

Part one will cover the very beginning of the experience, from unboxing and setting up your EcoQube C+. For other sections, please follow these links:

Part 2: Starting your Ecosystem

Part 3: Filling your EcoQube with Life

Part 4: Maintaining your Ecosystem

Part 1: Setting up your EcoQube C+

Your EcoQube C+ is entirely ready to go right out of the box. After sliding the EcoQube out of the box, a box of electrical connectors, a remote control, and the EcoQube itself. 

DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR EcoQube C+ UNTIL WATER HAS BEEN ADDED. The pump in the EcoQube C+ will turn on when plugged in, and running the pump without water running through it, even for just a few seconds, can damage the pump.

The light fixture (LED Array) on top of the EcoQube C+ can be raised and lowered simply by pulling or pushing it up and down. A rubber stopper glued inside one of the support channels will hold the LED Array in place at your preferred height. It can also be removed entirely for easy access to the inside of the tank.

Use this opportunity to inspect your EcoQube for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. The last thing you want is to add water only to have it fall right out onto your desk. If you do discover a crack in the tank, contact us immediately at

Check the EcoWhirl (the funnel-shaped nozzle inside the tank). This is where water will be pumped into your tank. The proprietary design of the EcoWhirl creates a vortex effect on the water's surface, disrupting the growth of surface scum. Rotate the nozzle so that the water is directed upwards, towards the water's surface, if it is not already so.

If you have any decorations or hardscape for your EcoQube C+, add these now. Ensure that any third-party items you add to the tank are aquarium safe. When adding decorations, consider the life that you want to have in your tank. Betta fish, for example, like small, enclosed spaces where they can hide, so make some nooks and crannies.

Finally, find a spot for your EcoQube C+. The EcoQube C+ is very compact and can fit almost anywhere. We highly recommend placing it by your desk, as living decor like the EcoQube can increase your productivity. Because the plant/s of the EcoQube get all their light from the LED Array, avoid placing the EcoQube in an area with too much sunlight. Excess light can create an imbalance in the ecosystem and lead to algal blooms in the water. 

Set up your EcoQube in Part 2!

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