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EcoQube Air features

Posted by Team ADI on

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As you know, so much love and passion have gone into making sure that our EcoQube Air is perfectly functional, and will spark great joy in your life. We've spent a cumulative total of two months in China recently in order to be at our factory working with our partners to make sure no hiccups occur, and we're super proud to share with you some amazing developments we've made!

EcoQube Air's air filter

These custom made, dual stage, HEPA Type filters are the first line filtration for all the air passing through your EcoQube.Each unit acts as both a mechanical filter and a chemical filter to remove as many different types of pollutants as possible before the air is filtered biologically through the plant growing within. The fine, HEPA-type mesh (the white folded material) acts as a mechanical filter removing any particles in you air 100 microns or larger, like dust, pollen or pet dander. Second, the air passes through a layer of activated carbon which acts as a chemical filter. The carbon absorbs a number of chemicals, vapors, and odors as the air passes through it.

A great example of the same filtration method is the new "Bioweapon Defense" filters in the Tesla Model X! Ours is just a tad smaller.

In fact, we custom designed this filter to fit perfectly in the filtration compartment of your EcoQube Air, which is easily removed for quick filter replacements. Each filter is rated of 6-months of use, but the accumulation of dust and particles will cause them also lose efficiency the longer they run, that's just the nature of air filters. For maximum air filtration, we recommend swapping out filters every 3 months. 

Custom-made plant medium

We learned a lot about plant mediums and how they interact with both the plant roots and the water that runs through it in our previous campaign and we've taken that knowledge and used it to design the ultimate hydroponic plant medium.

Far from the simple polymer sponge blocks in most hydroponic units, the EcoQube Air's medium takes up the entire grow tray, giving the plant roots the maximum amount of space to grow through. Each grow medium is a grid of sponge-like polymer foam containing expanded clay pellets. The porous foam absorbs and holds water as well as gives form to the medium. The expanded clay pellets, by contrast, will absorb excess water, preventing the growth of fungus and "root rot".

Every EcoQube Air comes complete with a medium all ready to go and it lasts for the whole life of the plant or plants growing in it. However, switching out plants in your EcoQube Air will require you to switch out the medium as well, so for those of you that want lots of different plants all the time, pick up a bunch! We designed and created this growing medium specifically for use in the EcoQube Air, and it'll never be cheaper than it is right now for our original backers!

EcoQube App

We're still finalizing, but our app is up and running!

The App will work on all iOS and Android devices

Scheduling the daily cycle for your EcoQube Air is easy and intuitive, just tap the mode (night light, sunrise, grow lighting, lightning storm, etc..) and the hours you want it to run and the EcoQube Air will automatically sync and follow the schedule. And of course, you can change the color of the RGB LEDs on the fly!

Safety features

We're all about safety, and when we saw the edge connector that supplies power to the lights, we realized that this could potentially lead to shock if anyone's fingers got too close. So we've since made a silicone cover over the connector to ensure that such a scenario never happens.

Also to protect the edge connector from wear and tear are two pegs. They're placed there to guide the greenhouse and hold it in place, and to make sure that sudden movements don't damage the connector.

Another safety aspect is introducing a failsafe for our grow tray. As water is pumped into it on a regular basis, some clogging or even a faulty pump could lead to water overflowing and possibly getting into the edge connector, hence shorting the circuit. We didn't want that to ever happen, so we've added a failsafe drain at the top rim of the grow tray that will ensure water cannot spill over into the electrical components even in the event of clogging.

We've also added a waterfall effect where the water is introduced. This not only aerates the water but allows a nice, even spread of water across the whole grow tray.

We've devised a warning system to tell you when the water levels are low in your pump reservoir and/or humidifier, or if the pump is malfunctioning. The lights will flash in different colours depending on the situation. This will allow you to know right away exactly what is wrong and will be able to follow the steps given to fix it or alert our customer service team.

In this same line, we've also added a manual switch so that you can disable this flashing in case of a false positive or as an absolute last resort. This also ensures that you don't need turn off your EcoQube Air, compromising your plants, while you figure out the cause of the flashing lights.

The EcoQube Air has been a project for us for a long, long time, and we're so excited to finally see it come to life.

We want to thank you all again for helping us realize this dream and share it with thousands of others. Check back with us often for more updates on production and shipping of the EcoQube Air. We can't wait for you all to get your very own!

If you've yet to pre-order your EcoQube Air, you can get one on Indiegogo OnDemand.

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-- Kevin Land and Zarifah A., Team ADI

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  • Michelle Crudup on

    Hi i ordered and EcoQube Air and it doesn’t have the water separator. Its like a plastic piece in the middle of the base to separate the filtered water from the fertilized water. I’m seeing it in the unboxing video but its not on my unit. What can we do about this?

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