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EcoQube Air Connection

Posted by Team ADI on

For Kickstarter Backers of the EcoQube Air we hope this blog will be of great use to help you fix any connection problems you may experience!

Thank you for all of you that have provided feedback on the product. We are lucky to have a community of backers like you that responds in sharing how you've been benefiting from the Air and letting us know how we can continually improve. 

From just a few of you: 

Congratulations on the EcoQube Air. It turned out beautiful.- ELLEN

Got my Air in and it looks great! - JASON 

I must say this is quite a wonderful unit! i can't wait for my fertilizer and seeds to come so I can get started! - PETER 

Please keep sending us your feedback and tag us @designadi_ or #ecoqube so we can feature your photos! 

After completing manufacturing and performing extensive long-term testing, we learned through multiple user testing that condensation from the greenhouse can drip into the electronics. This could affect the circuit system, as excessive water would reach the connector (electronics plug) and damage it. We recognized this as a potential user error as dripping can cause damage to the product, so we brainstormed a solution which you may recall from our past Kickstarter update.

We invested extra funds into creating an expensive new mold for the sole purpose of making a silicon cover to go over the connector to protect it from water. Our hope was and is to prolong the life of the unit, eliminating potential water damage. 

We left a slit in the middle of the silicon cover, so that when you place the greenhouse on the base, the connector would allow the circuit to run (or your fan and light to turn on).


Sometimes a bit of the silicone cover gets sandwiched in between the electrical connection of the base and the greenhouse, preventing a good connection. 

In the case that your connector doesn't seem to be working, simply wiggle the silicon cover a bit or reinsert the greenhouse to get it to work. 

After you reinsert the greenhouse into your base, adjust your settings according to what you want for your EcoQube AIR on your app. Then, please press "Resume Schedule" in the Schedule app before exiting the app.

Understanding the Fogger: 

The EcoQube Air comes with an App guide that we encourage you to utilize. As it's described on the app guide, the EcoQube Air is programmed to turn on in 30-second intervals then turn off to avoid build-up of humidity, while still adding moisture into the Air. 

Details for each Humidifier setting described on the app guide: 

Low setting: 30 seconds every 2 hours 

Regular setting (default): 30 seconds every 30 minutes 

Humid Setting: 30 seconds every 15 minutes 

Initially, the fogger had just one setting, at a very high level. However, a 3rd party engineering and product testing group recommended that we lower the fogger setting so we followed their recommendation.

After extended product testing (which usually isn't performed in most Kickstarter products), the fans and electronics in the EcoQube began deteriorating due to excessive humidity. We did not want that to happen to your EcoQube. 

If you want to increase the amount of fog in the greenhouse for aesthetics, simply increase the fan setting to high (detox setting). We did our very best to build it in a way where it still performs but does not compromise the long-term durability of the product. 

If after multiple tries the connector is not working, please contact us at for product support and my colleague Justen will happily assist you! 

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  • Brandon C Rigsbee on

    My ecoqube greenhouse doesn’t seem to be following the set schedule.

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