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How ADI Discovered Micro-veggies

Posted by Kevin Liang on

This is Kevin, one of the founders of ADI.

2016 was an awesome year. Thank you for joining me and team ADI on this journey as we’ve come a very long way from when we started in 2013 =)

In March 2013, the cofounder of ADI, Eric and I were putting in 40-50 hours of work every week on top of the 35 hours we committed to courses in getting our science and engineering degrees at UC San Diego as our parents wanted. We worked day and night, sleeping very little and fueling ourselves with microwaveable meals and oblivious passion.

One of the many nights staying up working late.
One of the many nights we stayed up working late.

It was the week of final exams when I fell asleep driving 3 blocks to the UPS store and woke up to an explosion. I had run My white 2007 Toyota Camry ran into 6 parked cars and 2 of the cars were totalled.

Luckily, I’m still alive and no one was hurt.

This accident literally woke me up and kickstarted me on my journey in searching for a better way to achieve the goals I worked so hard for, while still taking care of myself.

I experienced this first hand and it is true:

My journey began as I started learning from Tim Ferriss, one of the first investors in Uber and author of ‘The 4-Hour Workweek,’ and Dave Asprey, a tech executive that spent $300,000 to hack his biology and lose 100lbs, while reversing his biological age (crazy, I know).

After 872 hours of podcasts, 236 audiobooks, and 4 years I’ve noticed ONE common theme across everything I’ve learned.

The highest performers like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss always put their wellness first. Our bodies are the “machines” that allow us to actualize what we put our minds to. We have to take care of the “machine” first so that it can work for us.

     Tim Ferriss    
 Dave Asprey

I discovered:

  1. How important it is to incorporate greenery into our work space- Plants increase productivity by 15%!
  2. Indoor air quality can be improved significantly by plants- people in a warehouse with plants increased blood oxygen levels by 1%!!
  3. Our body’s functions (heart rate, hormone regulation, etc.) are regulated by the lighting in our environment over the course of a day.

In early 2016, I heard about micro-veggies. They showed up at the farmers markets, grocery stores, and even in my daily vegetable juices!


Unlike the bland vegetables I still don’t particularly like after eating “to be healthy” for four years, micro-veggies are delicious sprouts.

I was blown away when I learned that micro-veggies:

  1. Contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.
  2. Come in OVER 50 types- from micro-cilantro to kale, kabbage, radish and broccoli (my favorite)
  3. Are easy to grow, fully growing from seed in just 2-3 weeks and requiring just a little countertop space!

It can be hard to stay disciplined over a long period of time to eat things that might not be naturally tasty to you, but micro-veggies are a solution to this.

My hope is that as I share with you what I discovered through my journey to becoming healthier and adopting micro-veggies into my diet, you can move towards an even greater and more productive 2017!

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